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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

+ Hinata's Sensual Adventure: Hotel Resort [Teaser] +

Disclaimer: Naruto is an ongoing Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto with an Animé adaptation. The Manga is published by Shueisha in Japan, and Viz Media in the United States, Canada, and UK, and it is serialized by Shonen Jump. The TV Animé is directed by Hayato Date, and licensed by Aniplex in Japan, Viz Media in the United States, and Manga Entertainment in the UK.
I also do not own any of the profile pictures I used in my fan fictions.

 Wallpaper done by: kivi1230
Characters: Naruto & Hinata
Rating: MF [Mature Freakz]
Plot Association: Season 8, after perhaps episode 181

NOTE: For those of you that are unaware, this story (Hotel Resort) is actually the sequel to Hinata's Sensual Adventure -- a prompt, just in case you want to start reading from the beginning ------> Link

2nd Note: Now that you've seen the cover photo for the teaser, follow the link to the full, edited version.
Enjoy --- > Hinata's Sensual Adventure: Hotel Resort [Full]

              The need for energy or effort was hardly recognizable when controlling the lids of one's eyes, yet Hinata found it very difficult to raise her silky shields. She couldn't feel her limbs; her entire body was numb due to her sedated state. But she could feel a sharp pain in her shoulder from her awkward position on the wooden floor. It was obvious she had been lying there for a while.
It was hard to breath—the air was thick and musty, compelling our beautiful flower to take deep, lively breaths. Hinata didn't need to see to know that the environment in which she lay was coated with dust and mildew. She could sense the untidiness, and her femininity seemed to cringe in response.
By the looks of it, she was inside of a small, worn-down cabin, obviously long abandoned. Most of its plywood was dam and rotten. Cobwebs hung creepily from the ceiling, blowing in the humid breeze, and all the spider webs she spied were perfectly woven. The critters obviously thrived here.
Shifting onto her stomach with a thud, Hinata reclined her head, and noted a timeworn hearth before her. Its brick walls were still black with soot. Above the mantle was a well-preserved head of a bear. Its eerie expression made her gasped and her eyes widened with dread, her heart calling out to her beloved knight. She knew for certain that he was on his way; he was coming to get her no matter the obstacle; no matter the distance. But time waited on no man—what if he came too late?
                The princess was still disoriented, and she felt a spasm of panic in her flustered state. She was a shinobi—complete awareness of one's surroundings and a sense of direction was a recipe for composure, and she was basically lacking both ingredients.
The last thing that she remembers—while walking with Naruto in the forest—is being ambushed with a smoke bomb and gradually losing consciousness. The fact that she was gagged and incapacitated with rope obviously meant that she was in a hostage situation. But where were her kidnappers? Where had they taken her? What did they want, and where was her prince?
Suddenly, there was an explosion outside. The sound was distorted in her in slightly delirious state, as though she were listening from beneath five foot of water. Then she heard another sound, one that couldn't have gone by her, not even if she were in the deepest reaches of the afterlife. It was that awfully familiar sound of Naruto roaring during a charge. The hearty sound always filled his companions with such hope and determination, but it always did so much more for her.
The dull sound of steel clashing, ninjas sprinting and zipping through the open fields echoed in Hinata's ears. And a smile teased her lips at the reality that her valiant knight was risking his life to rescue her. The thought warmed her. But as her heart swelled, she found herself sinking in a shady realm, hovering lifelessly at the border between conscious and unconsciousness.
“I'm sorry I kept you waiting,” Hinata heard a quiet and beautiful voice impelling her from her stupor. She was incapacitated no longer.
Her eyes were still closed, but she could smell him... her beloved savior. He held her up firm in his strong arms, the princess' hand and cheek fast against his hard chest. The steady beats of his heart sang in her ears, reassuring her that he had not been hurt in battle.
Thank goodness.
Gradually, she opened her eyes so that she could look at him. He was wearing a light smile as he stare off into the distance. His handsome face was imbued a soft, saffron glow. He almost looked divine—too good to be true... too wonderful to be hers.
“Beautiful, isn't it,” he gestured with unswerving eyes, yet before Hinata could turn her head to gaze in the direction his eyes locked, he repositioned her into a piggyback position. Her arms loosely bounded around his neck, his hands cupping her sensitive thighs.
The princess' eyes widened and gleamed in awe at the picturesque landscape before them. From atop the ridge they stood, centered in the ethereal glow of the twilight, the young couple gaze into the magnificent sunset. Its deep crimson light almost made it seem like a blistering ball of fire beyond the horizon. The trees and rolling field below was tinted a rich hue of honey, and, for a moment, the spectacle almost seemed like an otherworldly paradise.
“It's very beautiful,” agreed Hinata, her eyes half-lidded now.
Naruto grinned. “But not as beautiful as you...”
He felt as her arms tighten around his neck, and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment at his compliment.
Just before she drifted back into unconsciousness, the princess rested her cheek upon the crest of his shoulder so that she could whisper “thank you” to his ears.
Her eyes fluttered close.
“Baka,” the warrior drawled ruefully. “Why are you thanking me? It's only natural that I would come for you—you're my princess now, remember. I'll always protect you... always.”
Naruto felt as Hinata's cheeks stretched and a smile touched her lips. Just before the sun disappeared behind the mountains, far in the distance, the triumphant sages continued on his journey.

Hours Earlier:
The world was deeply saturated in black and white, but it strangely felt like the norm. Reality seemed still, and yet time often progressed in a disjointed and enigmatic sequence, making it difficult for Hinata to pull a lung full of air into her chest. Unyielding lines of distraught sat below her eyes, and her lips pursed in a primly fashion.
The atmosphere was thick with conflicting spiritual pressures and anxiety. The air was thin and seemed to burn the back of her throat. It tasted of peril and looming death. Dread, panic, despair, confusion, hatred—they emanated from the alliance, poisoning the soldiers’ resolve and weakening their strength.
The bodies of those that was dead, injured, and traumatized scattered across the dreary battlefield. However, Hinata only concerned herself with the sage almost rendered to his knees behind her, and the two masterminds mounted atop the terrifying fiend before her.
“For this strategy, Naruto...we need your strength,” a determined voice came from Neji, who was flanked by Hinata and her father. “Until we can get this underway—”
“We'll protect you,” the words rose effortlessly from the princess' lips, as though they were programmed.
“Hinata,” Naruto exclaimed, and the sound of his voice, however drained, made her heart gallop. It empowered her, tapping into the latent potential of her adrenaline.
“Rest assured”, her father said as they all assumed a defensive stance. “The Hyuuga are Konoha's strongest!”
“I was hoping to attack them before they could finish talking but...I can't control the Juubi well enough,” Madara prompted softly, his face perfectly composed despite his dilemma. “It should be fine until the next 'transformation'...but next is—”
Obito's eyes narrowed with enlightenment. “It seems that without becoming the Jinchuuriki, we cannot gain mastery over the Juubi.”
“In order for me to become the Juubi's Jinchuuriki...I need a living body, not just a corpse of Edo Tensei.
“It's slightly irrelevant,” Obito began, “but with your Edo Tensei body, you could just aim right down at the alliance and use yourself as a suicide bomb. The only reason why you don't is that I'd be sucked into it, too. And the reason why you can't have that is in order for you to fully revive and become a Jinchuuriki, you need me to give away my life and use Rinne Tensei.” He suddenly cast the man a shrewd stare, and his voice hardened. “In other words, you're at my mercy. You'd be wise to remember that,” he warned.
“Quite the attitude you have now,” Madara returned. His face was calm, as if it represented the fortitude of his resolution. It was the countenance of a clever man sure to have his way.
“I've had it since I met you...I've never thought of you as an ally.
“Hmph...fine,” the man yielded to his kin's ambition, though his eyes foretold of no compromise. “Well then, why don't you decide our next course of action.”
“Next,” Obito held his hand forward, his fingers unfurled. “We slowly cripple them with despair.”
The gigantic beast on which they stood roared, stretching its arm forward toward the apprehensive population in an echo of the Uchiha's gesture. 
“Wood Element, Piercing Wood!” the man uttered, and then the sky went dark and ominous. The heavens were veiled with thousands of wooden projectiles that came raining down upon dumbfounded shinobis, like a great and divine cataclysm. Pointed pillars pierced people through, but most were able to evade certain death with quick, nimble movements such as Sakura and Kakashi.
“There are too many of them,” Neji complained as he and his uncle protected Naruto and a few others in their field of defense using their Hakkeshou Kaiten.
“We'll just have to try and evade them!” That's what his uncle said, yet the count of projectiles seemed to increase with each passing second.
Clang! One of the wooden spears stroke Neji's headband, ripping the accessory from his face. There are so many! Kaiten...won't make it in time! he murmured mentally.
Suddenly, a sharp and high-pitched sound hummed of power and consistency. “Thanks, Neji,” Naruto said as he dashed forward with his devastating technique. “I made it into sage mode—Rasenshuriken!”
He threw the chakra-forged shuriken toward the source of the ninjas' agonizing. It flew into the air like a flying saucer, effortlessly slicing through the myriad of wooden projectiles before expanding into an explosive ball of destructive energy.
At the same time, a powerful earth user erected a colossal wall, which served as a barrier against oncoming spears.
“Here comes some more,” Naruto roared as his clones launched two more Rasenshurikens toward the storm of missiles and the Juubi.
Exhausted, he collapsed to his knees, and Hinata quickly reacted by protecting him against a barrage of projectiles he had missed in his onslaught.
As if hoping to capitalize on this development, the creature threw its hand down upon the ground—annihilating unfortunate souls upon impact—to which Hiashi suppressed with his Air Barrier Palm. However, the ninjas comprised of the alliance were not the only warriors with spirit; the vile demon raised its forefinger despite the Hyuuga's countermeasure, rapidly firing a column of deadly spears toward the immobilized sage.
“They're fast,” Hinata said as she rooted herself before her prince, her eyes gleaming with earnest resolve.
Damn, a pinpointed attack, Hiashi flinched, fearing the worse for his daughter. There's too many! Neither Hinata nor Neji's Air Palm can—
Just mere nanoseconds before the pointed rods ran through Hinata—readily sacrificing her life for the one she cherished dearly—she felt the aura and glimpsed the shadow cast by her beloved brother. Time seemed to slow to this moment, or perhaps it was her adrenaline that sped up her consciousness. She could hear as the wooden darts tore through her brother's defenseless flesh, and through her incredulity to believe this horrific reality. Blood spewed from Neji's already lifeless body. Its scent made her disoriented and nauseous in an instant.
Hinata could feel herself screaming within her mind, and the next thing she knew, she was sitting up with a jolt from bed with that same piercing scream echoing in her ears.
A dream? Even before she came to that somewhat reliving conclusion, she wanted to forget what she had seen, what she had experienced. The image of Naruto's devastated expression was etched in her mind's eye, even as tears spilled over her cheeks.
What did this dream mean? Hinata thought about it while she tried to calm the thrashing of her heart. Was it a prediction of a catastrophe soon to come? Was it perhaps a dramatic series of events induced by her loneliness? She was sure of one thing this day—she needed to see both Neji and Naruto, to dismiss the trauma her nightmare had left in her heart.
Obviously shaken up by her almost realistic experience, Hinata looks around apprehensively, and then lay on her side with troubled eyes. Curling up into a ball and pulling the sheets up to the bridge of her nose, Hinata looked to her window, waiting impatiently for the first light of dawn to penetrate the thin screening and wash her depression away.

Naruto lies half-asleep in his room, unaware if it were midnight or afternoon. He would have willingly succumbed to laziness and slept in, but not this time. He had a perfectly good reason for sleeping in this day, but even so, he wouldn't have been able to have his way.
“Hit the nail on the head, boy,” a man yelled in his frustration somewhere in the distance. “You're destroying all of our nails!”
And thus was the reason why Naruto wouldn't have been able to oversleep—the carpenters and other construction workers were hard at work today. Loud rackets and instructional shouting could be heard from all corners of the village. This was definitely no time to be sleeping.
Like every other day, Naruto woke with his annoying “morning-erection”. Did I mention it was annoying? Was this the norm among other guys, he wondered, or was it just another issue is level of strange comprised?
Naruto lay motionless in bed, sprawled out on his back, and it wasn't long before he grabbed and pressed a pillow to his face. No, he wasn't trying to kill himself—the sound of hammering was just tormenting him to death. However, as soon as he noted the scent of Hinata on the fabric, the flames of his irritation began to smoulder.
The smell was that of her hair, and the fragrance acted like a sedative, inducing calm, but with a side effect of sexual excitement. He throbbed in response, almost painfully, and even more as he reminisced about the previous day.
Naruto pushed the pillow down to his stomach, building up some suspense before sniffing it again. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep with Hinata, after she screamed her final orgasm and fell on top of him. She rode him into oblivion and then some.
Something told Naruto this had suddenly become the girl’s most favorite pastime; she certainly enjoyed having him.
But more importantly, he had no memory of her departing. Was he really that worn-out that he had absolutely no record of her leaving his room?
Naruto sighed as he used the heel of his palm to push at his hungry manhood. He couldn't stop thinking about Hinata. Was she okay? Had she gotten home safely? Had she eaten? Was she still in bed, and what was she wearing?
“I miss—”
“Him,” Hinata said in perfect unison to Naruto's sentiment.
The young damsel couldn't stop thinking about him. Even while she slept, his compliments and loving confessions would replay in her mind, like a soothing lullaby, shielding her from distress. Couldn't she have calmed her escalating excitement without dismissing his voice from her mind?
It may very well just be her imagination, but Hinata could still feel the heat he left deep inside of her private chambers. It was what comforted her while she slept alone last night, and while she waited for the sun to rise after her horrible nightmare.
Every fiber of her being wanted her to spend the night cuddled close beside him, nestled in that wonderful slice of heaven. The young introvert was torn between her heartfelt desires and being rational and responsible—she didn't want to worry her dear father. After all, he was only prompt about a picnic.
Just like her handsome prince, the princess lay motionless on her side in bed, a pillow bounded between her legs. Her hair was unfurled, and she was dressed in a white, satin robe. Hinata had gone ahead and garbed herself without a bra; her nipples were far too sensitive for that.
Her cheeks glowed pink and her lips drooped as she thought about how much she enjoyed being on top of him. Given her usually shy demeanor, that level of dominance was incredibly exhilarating for her. And she would often go that extra mile by clenching him with her muscles, significantly enhancing the friction for them both. It pleased her greatly to see him writhe in delight beneath her.
Hinata’s heart was beating so fast that she had to roll over onto her back amidst its violent thrashing. Subconsciously, she flung her hand onto her breast and squeezed. It was when she gasped and her eyes widen did she realize just how much her core was pulsing out of control. It felt so good when she pressed her legs together.
She felt a prick of fear, however, when she noted moisture between her legs. She recalled how frustrated and emotional she became when Naruto prolonged his exploration of her body. It was the memory of this discomfort that made her sit upright with sudden haste.
She needed to block him from her mind for the time being, and as impossible as that seemed, she hoped it would be more feasible by preoccupying herself.
But as she makes her way to the bathroom, Hinata knew it would be impossible to make it through the day without having him once more. She wouldn't be satisfied until they were both an utter wreck. And, of course, she was especially looking forward to being on top of him again. 

Having freshened up and partaken of his usual breakfast—two buttered slices of toasted bread along with milk—Naruto stands atop the roof of his apartment, a wide grin upon his face as he scouts the immediate area. “Gah! The construction of the village is coming along great! But we're going to need help if we hope to finish it anytime soon.”
A hand cupping his bicep, Naruto flexed his right arm and contemplated what his day would entail. Of course, he had plans to see Hinata, which was mostly what he desired. But first and foremost, he was curious about the condition of a certain someone, and his grin faded as he thought about her.
A country is nothing without a great leader to instill hope, optimism, and direction amongst the people. Growth and prosperity was also dependent upon the wisdom, eloquence and power of this leader, and maintenance (protection) would be enforced through the will and courage forged within the country's soldiers. In other words, the village hidden in the leaves that was once revered by all the other hidden villages was now crippled without a king or queen, and although it was undergoing reconstruction, the conscience of the citizens would not know closure until their Hokage was standing strong once more.
“Yo! We've brought lunch,” Naruto said cheerfully as he ambled into the tent along with Chouji, who had a mountain of rice balls rapped in seaweed upon a platter.
“Here,” Chouji gestured with the pile of fluffy clouds.
As soon as it was rested atop a small table, Ton-Ton began admiring the irresistible structure while drooling with hunger, but the little critter knew well to mind its manners.
“It's today's emergency onigiri rations,” Chouji informed with a rice ball in hand.
“This is too much for us,” Sakura said, but then quirked in a combination of incredulity and annoyance as the chubby ninja began helping himself.
“So, can I have half then?”
“That's what you were planning from the start, right?” Sakura scowled, frightening not only her target, but her spectators, as well.
Chouji heaved an open smile with a hand behind his head—shamefaced. “I was figured out...”
Naruto wasn't paying much attention to his friends, but it wasn’t because this level of drama was too blasé. No, he just had a lot on his mind. He turned around slowly, and then his eyes narrowed morosely as he gazed upon the motionless body of the female he once regarded as the most beautiful woman in history. Her once lovely skin was now dark and wrinkled. He couldn't help but compare this appearance to when she was healthy.
Tsunade was very self-conscious about her looks—she didn't like the idea of anyone seeing her when she was this way. Shizune was the only exception. Now she was imprisoned in the open for all to lay eyes upon her imperfection. This was how much she had fallen, and it deeply pained Naruto to see her this way. If only he had arrived on the battlefield earlier—this disaster could have been prevented; Tsunade would be around her desk right now.
“Sakura, are you eating,” Chouji asked repentantly. “When eating onigiri, it goes best with salt, you know.”
“Naruto-kun…” Shizune called in a dejected tone, drawing attention to herself and then our troubled hero. She had been watching him.
“Well,” Naruto stretched his arms over his head, trying to lighten the mood before everyone else could join in on his glum demeanor. “I'll be heading over to help rebuild Ichiraku. Maybe I'll get some free ramen for—”
“Hold on, Naruto-kun,” Shizune interjected, gently resting Ton-Ton down on the ground before making her way over to a stack of books. “I have something to give you.”
“For me,” Naruto asked with surprise, watching the woman as she skims through the pages of multiple textbooks. It made him wonder if this so-called “gift” or “thing” was really meant for him. Hopefully, it wasn't something related to academics. Ugh, the thought of homework made him cringe inwardly.
“Sempai,” Sakura called in curiosity, also puzzled as to what the woman had in stored. She studied her acutely, but Chouji was more interested in stuffing his face. He watched nonetheless.
“Ah, here we go,” Shizune retrieved two slips of rectangular paper from a large book with a thick, olive cover. “For a moment there I almost thought she had sold them.”
Huh? Sold what? Sakura thought.
“I want you to have these, Naruto-kun.” She walked over to him and placed the small sheets of paper into his hand. “They're tickets to a 5-star resort hotel located in the hot spring country just north-east of the fire country.”
“Eh? A 5-star hotel...in other words—all you can eat? I envy you, Naruto,” Chouji announced with a wince.
“But why,” Naruto asked, evidently astounded.
“Tsunade-sama was given these tickets a few weeks ago by a feudal lord that was safely escorted back to his country by our ninjas.”
“So, she received complimentary tickets as a token of his appreciation, right,” Sakura added with a smile.
“Exactly,” Shizune confirmed. “But the expiry date is due next week and Tsunade-sama isn't in any condition to travel. So I want you to have them, Naruto-kun,” she smiled hopefully. “You've done a great deed for the village. You gave us all a second chance at life...there's no way we'll ever be able to repay you for that, so accept this small token of my gratitude. I'm certain Tsunade-sama would want you to have them, as well.”
Naruto looked down at the tickets in his hand, his eyes still a bit unsure, but after noting the inclination of Chouji's head, he accepted the woman's gift.
“In case of any compromises, Naruto-kun, the sooner you leave the better,” Shizune suggested with a grateful smile.
Naruto grinned. “Thanks, nee-chan, and you, too, granny Tsunade!”
“You're welcome.” First Jiraiya-sama and then this—it has just been one disastrous situation after the other. It must be hard on Naruto-kun, especially to see Tsunade-sama and the village like this when he was the only one capable of defending us. I think it would be best if he were away for a while. Hopefully, Tsunade-sama would regain consciousness by the time he returned. At least seeing the village this way wouldn't be as bad, then.
The hot spring country is a bit far off, but Naruto-kun should be alright considering he now possesses the abilities of a sage. It's a long shot, but I'm willing to take this gamble...just this once.
“That's great, Naruto…how lucky,” Sakura congratulated as she placed a hand upon his shoulder. “You got two tickets—maybe you should take Hinata along,” she suggested gleefully.
“Ohh,” Naruto puckered his lips and dropped the bottom of his fist—from his pinky finger up—into his palm—a gesture of his conclusion. “That's a great idea,” he agreed exuberantly.
Suddenly, he bit the side of his thumb and then drew a line of blood along his palm in a single fluid motion. “Summoning Jutsu,” he uttered firmly as he drove his hand to the ground. There was an explosion and everyone flinched in surprise. Chouji's eyes popped open in sheer anticipation to creature within the clearing mist, and, surprisingly enough, he ate faster as though he was among the engrossed audience in theater room.
There on the ground sat a small, green frog with a notebook kit comprised of a tiny scroll and a brush mounted upon its back. Chouji was utterly disappointed, but curious nevertheless.
Naruto fetched the tools from his patient companion and with excitement in every stroke—painted his heartfelt wish upon the blank paper. Once his note was complete and the equipment secured back into place, the messenger frog took off toward its destination with briskly hops, as if it shared the sage's happiness.
“Thanks again for the tickets, nee-chan,” Naruto said as he strides with haste toward the exit of the tent. “Sakura-chan, take good care of granny Tsunade—I'm leaving her to you. See yah later, Chouji!”
And he was gone.
“Does this mean Naruto and Hinata are finally going out,” Chouji asked bluntly, as he continued devoured the rice balls he brought as charity, his expression impassive.
Sakura had yet to move a muscle—her eyes were still wide and her jaw was still hanging. She had always been bitterly impulsive toward Naruto, but he had always bounced back in his persistence. It sort of become the norm since they were kids.
 Being decisive and impulsive in the world of shinobi was very important, but never, in all her life, had she regretted such an impulsive move. It was clear—not only to her, but to Shizune, as well—what she was expecting. They both expected Naruto to brush-off the love struck maiden and pleaded with Sakura to make a date between the two of them. Sakura had secretly planned on playing hard to get until her ego was inflated to satisfactory.
Had she lost him, too, forever?

Hinata's anxiety had diminished in the comforting light of the morning. The hands of time helped, too—reassuring her that her nightmare was but an illusion. And if it were really a prediction, then she would have to rewrite Neji’s fate with her own two hands. There was no way that she would accept a history with her cousin erased.
Following her revitalizing shower, Hinata garbed herself in her usual ninja attire and did quick work to make her bed. She gathered her power and patience meanwhile for what she had to challenge next—her bed head. She had to tackle this daunting feat before joining her father for breakfast, and if she was right, she didn't have much time to spare.
Sitting on a chair before her mirror with busy fingers, the princess worked to straighten out the tangled chaos that was her hair. She swore it was more cooperative when Naruto was the only thing on her mind. How peculiar.
This was the first time in a long while that Hinata had slept so restlessly—she missed Naruto immensely. It's as though after sleeping with him, a hole opened up in her heart that needed to be filled tremendously. She yearned to cuddle beneath the sheets with him. She wanted him to lay behind her with his arm around her tummy and his lips at her neck.
“Help me,” Hinata pleaded aloud to the comb clutched in her hand—talking to inanimate objects, never a good sign—please...”
Her tiny fingers trembled in her rush to straighten the rebellious locks of her hair. It would have been wise to comb it while it was still fairly damp after her shower.
“Hinata-sama,” a quiet but curious voice came down the passageway followed by amble footsteps.
“Ne-Neji-niisan!” Both Hinata and her hair cringed at his sudden appearance in her door. And she blushed in embarrassment as his eyes scrutinized her untidy hair.
“Your father is waiting for you to join him in the partaking of breakfast,” he prompted, his eyes honest and sincere.
“I-I'm sorry,” Hinata gushed, gazing into the mirror again, her desperate fingers moving in much more urgency than before. “I'll be there right away.”
Suddenly, she felt his cold fingers bringing hers to steady halt, and then he seized the comb from her hand.
“Ne-Neji-niisan,” Hinata uttered in question, her eyes wide with shock as his left hand manipulated her hair.
“I thought I would supervise your training today,” he enlightened softly. “What happened to the village only goes to show that we have a long way to go yet.”
Hinata couldn't help but close her eyes as Neji began to mend her bad hair day. The comb flowed effortlessly through her hair as opposed to earlier. It felt like he was injecting chakra into the strands of her hair through his fingers, feeding her unruly locks so as to bend it to his will. The soothing sensation gave her goose bumps, but it was only a matter of seconds before he was through. She felt a tinge of disappointment.
“There we go,” he declared his conclusion and victory. “That should just about do it.”
“Thank you.”
“You're welcome,” he replied. “Hurry, your father is waiting...”
While they were walking along the corridor, Hinata heard a low croak of a frog from within her room, which stopped her dead in her tracks. There was only one person in the entire village that she knew had a contract with such animals.
Neji called to her, wondering what the problem was. Apparently, he didn't hear what she did, and perhaps it was a good thing that he hadn't. Neji deeply respected Naruto, but that respect would often become transparent whenever the hero associated himself with Hinata. Why was he so overprotective of her whenever it came to darling prince?
“Umm…you go ahead, Neji-niisan,” Hinata instructed meekly. “I'll be there in a minute.”
“Don't keep your father waiting too long,” Neji returned. “I'll be waiting in the courtyard—meet me there once you're ready to start your training.”
“I will. Thanks, Neji-niisan.”
Hinata could almost jump in excitement when she saw the tiny green frog sitting comfortably on her chair. She rushed toward the complacent messenger with open arms, still conscious of her father's dwindling patience.
Her heart was beating fast in her chest, and she wondered whether it was because she was keeping her father in suspense, or the fact that she had received a private message from the man that swept her off her feet yesterday, and had his complete way with her. Every fiber of her being hummed at the sweet memory, and she warmed at the reality that she was not the only one thinking of him.
“Is it from Naruto-kun,” Hinata asked the amphibian with suppressed thrilled before taking the scroll from its place. The frog croaked subsequent to the question, ensuring the young damsel that characters written on the scroll was surely only meant for her eyes.
Hinata flushed a delicate pink as she unfurled the scroll, and the hue deepened as she began to read.

I have 2-day tickets to a resort hotel in the hot spring country. I want you to join me. Sign your answer to the scroll. If you decide to come, meet me at the village's gate at 12.
I miss you.
Uzumaki Naruto

“Naruto-kun...” Hinata uttered beneath her breath, her eyes gleaming with unconcealed enthusiasm. She didn't need time to make a decision—despite getting over the pessimism evoked by her nightmare; she still needed to see him and to be with him.
All the naughty things he had done to her gave rise to a radical change, and as such, she desperately needed him by her side. He had to take responsibility for what he has done.
After watching the stubby frog depart with her answer, Hinata made haste to join her father for breakfast. It was evident that impatience took its toll on the man's face—his brows sat low above his eyes in displeasure. But as soon as she apologized, his frown cleared and his gaze fixed to his plate.
Hiashi was always in a good mood whenever he sat to breakfast, lunch or dinner, and Hinata would capitalize on this mood to win the man's approval on leaving the village.
As soon as a complacent smile tugged his lips, when he began partaking of his fried rice, topped with an over-serving of cooked carrots cut in thin circles, Hinata informed him that she would leave on a 2-day mission after her training session with Neji.
It was wise to remain vague to give her time to counter in case of a compromise—though; her father had never questioned her about the details of her missions before. However, this time was different—this time the village was in shambles and the Hokage was in a coma, which is why she decided to act on his good mood.
“Be careful,” the man acknowledged with an impassive expression. “There is much grief within the village; try not to get in the way of the mission; failure is unacceptable.”
“Yes, father.” Hinata was overfamiliar with her father's inability to confide in her strength; it didn't hurt anymore. And she was well aware that the man cared deeply for her.
They both ate in silence, and then Hinata politely excused herself. They may not communicate much, but Hiashi took great delight in eating with his daughter. It was a very important ritual for him—since they could not share the thrill and philosophies of battle through conversation.
Training with Neji was always a physically and mentally demanding exercise on her part—a very grueling regiment. It was hard to keep up with his speed and excellent reflexes, and his decisiveness would often portray the fact that he was a genius at hand-to-hand combat. His attacks were consistent and precise, and she could never get past his defenses.
But it was her determination to find the chink in his armor that drove her to excel within her training. Hinata knew that when she succeeded at this, it would mean that she had ascended to a new pinnacle of strength and expertise.
Neji was a very serious and demanding coach, but she knew well he was only trying to help her get stronger. This was also his method of making sure that she was perfectly protected on the battlefield. Hinata sincerely appreciated his moral support and patience.
After three long hours of hard and consistent training, Hinata culminated today's session by sitting on the porch to rest. She needed to preserve her energy for numerous events this day—one being all the naughty things she expected Naruto to do to her as soon as they were in close proximity to a reliable bed. She blushed at the thought.
Neji joined her on the porch. There, he spent the next 30 minutes briefing her about the flaws in her techniques and how to enhance them, whether through her physical form or chakra manipulation.
After training came food preparation. The journey to the hot spring country would be a long one, and Hinata was certain her white knight would be in need of nourishment at some point along their travels. It was amazing how much more considerate of him she had gotten. He really had changed her—she already felt like his dearly beloved wife.
“Lady Hinata,” Kuwashima called with obvious worry when she noted the young lady frozen stiff, looking down intensely upon her finger. Her eyes were troubled. “Is something a matter?”
“N-No,” Hinata stuttered with a fierce blush before quickly resuming the stirring of the tiny squids in the frying pan. “Everything is fine.”
Kuwashima was a well-respected maid throughout the Hyuuga household, known for her willingness and numerous capabilities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, carpentry, plumbing and so on. She was also a chaperon and nanny to many. Her job was hectic, but she enjoys it.
It was Kuwashima who taught Hinata how to cook, and like yesterday, she was once again helping the princess to prepare a delicious feast for the village's hero. The woman was well aware that Hinata had fallen head-over-heels for him. It was absolutely adorable!
Following the completion of the picnic basket, Hinata proceeded to the shower and then to her room to prepare her knapsack. She found great delight in the way that Naruto regarded her body—his eyes were always filled with such irrefutable awe and longing.
She felt almost smug when her prince, at one point, appeared to be awestruck by her half-naked body. Hinata wanted to see that expression again, and it was this desire that led her to pack the most seductive lingerie in her possession. She was forced into buying it from an old female merchant, and sure enough, there was a legend behind the product.
The undergarment is said to be made of a sacred material, which would capture the heart of any man who saw the owner in them. Of course, Hinata didn't believe this superficial and ridiculous story, but she wasn't given much of choice in buying the product otherwise. The old woman was quite persistent in her attempt to persuade. Her method was so intense that the persuasion almost seemed like a threat. Good grief.
In her excited anticipation of Naruto's response, Hinata didn't stop to think about the embarrassment of wearing such ostentatious underwear—just looking at the luxurious material always made her heart gallop and her hands sweaty. What was she going to do?
Deciding to go along with the motions—since presently, she couldn't believe she had actually seen Naruto naked the previous day, and him, her—Hinata made her way to the kitchen to fetch the picnic basket and then bid everyone a fond farewell. But what she most feared unraveled while she was traversing the courtyard.
“Hinata-sama,” Neji approached with distinct curiosity. “Where are you going,” he asked quietly, sounding less surprised and inquisitive than he really was. He studied her hamper and knapsack.
It was futile to lie to Neji, and unlike her father, he wouldn't settle with a vague answer. His eyes demanded a full explanation of her intentions, and that's exactly what Hinata offered.
Neji's countenance screamed of outrageousness, but the memory of what she shared with Naruto kept her strong and resolute.
“What did Hiashi-sama think of all of this,” the young Jounin asked sternly.
Hinata told him her father only knew she was going off on a mission. As unrefined as that was, it was the truth. She did have a mission. If it was the last thing she did, the princess would succeed in seducing Uzumaki Naruto—she needed to feel what they had yesterday.
“Hinata-sama, I don't approve of this...and I'm sure your father would not approve either, if he knew the extent of your plans. Please reconsider,” he gestured heartily in his plea, but his effort only made the girl frown.
“Father doesn't need to know about this,” a disgruntled Hinata stated in a tone slightly above the norm.
“Hinata-sama,” Neji urged, disconcerted by his cousin’s rare persistence.
“I love him!” She snapped, failing miserably at sounding dreadful and intimidating. “I belong to Naruto-kun, and I want to be at his side...”
“I'm...I'm sorry,” she apologized, feeling guilty and remorseful at his dumbfounded expression. “I have to go now.”
She walked by him.
“Be sure to have fun,” Neji acknowledged in his surrender, his voice sincere and true. “I suspect that it will be a while yet before the shinobi world will be at peace again.”
Hinata blinked in surprise with tears at her eyes, and then she smiled with joy at his sudden change of heart. “Hn!” She inclined her head briskly. “Thank you!”
She ran off.
You've grown up, Hinata... 

Naruto stood patiently at the large wooden doors at the entrance of the village. Surprisingly, it was one of those few structures that weren’t destroyed in Nagato’s vicious onslaught from the heavens. The aftermath of the man's wrath was a gigantic crater that seemed to have been created by a massive meteorite from outer space. This magnitude of destruction was definitely of god-like proportions.
The village folk may have regarded him as a hero, but Naruto only felt as such in the moment. Indeed he had won the acknowledgement of the people, but he was well aware he was the reason why they now suffered—if he hadn't existed, then his ensures wouldn't have thought to invade Konoha.
Until he gained enough power to protect without sacrifice, Naruto would continue to deem himself a nuisance. He may have now become a sage, but there were clear limitations with this new power; he needed to become stronger. He wouldn't proclaim himself a worthy family member of Konoha, or a predecessor of the will of fire, until he could protect everything impeccably.
The once feared and respected village of Konohagakure—strong and majestic—seem nonexistent from where Naruto stood. He could see to the north wall from the south. There were no towering buildings and busy streets. His once beautiful and active metropolis was now a ghost town. He couldn't leave like this, not when he knew this once rich hometown was rendered barren due to his shortcomings.
Naruto growled, his eyes narrowing to dangerous slits. “Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu,” he uttered vehemently, summoning little over 300 clones before him. They all stood still, their expressions as solemn as his. “You all know what to do,” Naruto raised his hand in a silent cheer, his fist clenched.
“Hai-Hai, cap'm!” The shadow clones shouted in unison, and then they all stampeded toward the center of the construction site. Loud cheering of appreciation and excitement could be heard from all around, and our hero smiled warmly. Even if just a tad, he found delight and closure in the fact that he could contribute toward the village's revival.
Naruto was 15 minutes early, but when it related to Hinata, he would much rather be early and wait than to have her wait instead.
He imagined the endearing princess with a wagging tail and adorable little puppy-dog ears that sagged sheepishly, as she read his note. He was anxious to see her again, and his urge to have her was now greater than his crave for Ichiraku's ramen every morning.
Suddenly, in the distance, a curious figure rose in his field of vision. He didn't need to study the individual to know that it was his own personal angel; he could feel her...feel the powerful magnetic pull between them.
Hinata's aura struck his nervous system then—like a bolt of lightning—sending an instant series of memories and sensation throughout his entire body. She must have experienced the same thing, too, because Hinata slowed to a walk from her once quick movement.
“Hinata!” he yelled, and the smile she'd been waiting for stretched across his face like the sun breaking free of the dreary clouds. His teeth gleamed bright against his russet skin. “You're finally here!”
His familiar husky voice—angelic in its own special way—sent a wave of emotion and wistfulness through her. A thousand memories spun in her head, tangling together, but mostly the memory of the weight of his lips upon hers. That's what she craved right now.
“Na-Naruto-kun...how are you,” she greeted in question. Her stomach knotted at the intensity of his unswerving gaze.
“I'm fine,” he responded happily, his smile never fading. “You're early! How are you?”
“I'm...I'm fine, thank you.” Hinata held her head down, unable to withstand the pressure of his eyes. “I-I saw Naruto-kun's shadow clones scattered throughout the village...”
“Yeah, I figured I'd lend everybody a hand before I left. Plus, in case something happens, I want to be able to know about it right away. The clones can also help to protect the village just in case, too.” He grinned, eyes closed.
“Na-Naruto-kun,” Hinata couldn't help but lift her head at his generosity, and he made some musical sound in his throat.
“So, are we all ready to go,” he turned, prompting her of their imminent depart.
“Just...Just Naruto-kun and I,” she inquired innocently, her eyes wide with nervousness.
“That's right,” he approached her—leaning in closer than necessary—to seize the hamper from her hand. “This is a date, after all.” He noted how she caught her breath, his gaze drawn to the ripe curve of her breasts.
Her skin was lovely and pale, like snowflakes, and it looked just as delicate. It stood in shocking contrast to the long, silky black hair that framed her perfect face. Naruto felt an overwhelming urge to touch her cheek—but the atmosphere was not yet ripe and fitting to coax the steady flames of her desire to a flare.
He chuckled with innocent amusement, and then they both departed together, her head hanging under the weight of her shyness.

Naruto and Hinata walked in silence—a furious, embarrassing silence on her part—along the narrow, winding path about the outskirts of the village.
The forest spread out around them in a boundless labyrinth of ancient trees, and Hinata began to be nervous that they would never find their way out again. Apparently, the intoxicating aura of her charming prince was making her delusional, but Naruto was perfectly at ease, comfortable in the green maze, never seeming to feel any doubt about their direction or getting lost.
After several minutes, the light that filtered through the canopy transformed, the murky olive tone shifting to a brighter jade. The sudden brightness brought Hinata's gaze to Naruto's free hand to the right of hers. It didn't take very long for the princess to start having a nervous breakdown at the sheer desire of wanting her hand in his.
She blushed when he noted her frustration, and her eyes sparkled with a rare mischief that tempted him to cast her over his shoulder and make for privacy amongst the undergrowth.
After taking into account her bold and dominating transformation yesterday—during which time she rode him consistently for what seemed like hours on end—it was surprising to find that Hinata was as nervous around him as ever.
Naruto was genuinely happy that her personality hadn't change upon losing her virtue. He had always thought of her as a shady character, but as he got older, he grew to adore Hinata's timid demeanor. He found it captivating and strangely empowering. Her shyness made him want to protect her, love her, and have her as his own.
Without a word, Naruto took Hinata's hand into his own, his facial expression warm but unchanging. She caught her breath softly and flashed him a brief gaze. She looked to the ground before he could caress her with his charming blue eyes, her cheeks brightening as a smile tugged at her lips.
Hinata could feel his energy flowing into her, like electricity. It overclocked the beating of her heart, and her lips parted slightly in response. She could feel tingles all over her body, flickering in places that she was most receptive, and her nipples drew to hard peaks beneath her clothes.
Desire spoke, demanded, through the erratic pounding of her heart, and Hinata summoned the courage to look up at his face again. His eyes were narrowed, but not with desire...it was something else, something that completely depleted her sexual crave and replaced it with worry.
“Na-Naruto-kun...” her tone was frantic and inquiring.
He offered her his eyes for a moment. “It looks like I used up more chakra creating those clones than I thought.”
Hinata's expression portrayed “overreaction”, but she couldn't help it. She squeezed his hand as they slowed to a halt, her heart drumming in another pattern now.
“Don't worry, Hinata,” he attempted futilely to reassure. “I'll be fine...let's keep going.”
“No, Naruto-kun is not okay!” he noted that her submissive trait was no longer existent, just like when she came to protect him against Pain. “Byakugan,” she uttered, quickly activating her ocular ability under the weight of her anxiety. “There's a small clearing beside a clean water source not far up ahead.” She met his admiring gaze, after deactivating her power. “We can have lunch and rest up there for a while.”
“That's a great idea, Hinata,” Naruto praised effusively. “Thank you!”
The princess caught her breath and averted her beautiful eyes. Now that a resolve ensuring his renewed strength was forged, her excessive shyness had returned, her adorable demeanor making the beauty of goddesses seem comical in comparison. “You-You're welcome.”
Once they started walking, it didn't take long before Hinata could feel his overwhelming energy surging into her again, stroking her body like a physical caress. She hadn't forgotten about her mission, not in a million-gazillion years! The question was—would she commence the operation now or later.
If only the princess knew, she was not the only one with a plan up her sleeve. Oblivious to both Naruto and Hinata was the two silhouettes that watched and studied them keenly from the gloomy shadows of the trees. The piercing eyes looked on with disdain and vile intention.
“Enjoy your little picnic—because it will surely be your last,” a shady character said maliciously.
            “Fuuk-Fuuk-Fuuk-Fuuk,” the other man let out a bizarre, high-pitched chuckle.

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