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Friday, October 5, 2012

+ Hinata's Sensual Adventure B [Spoiler Version] +

 Disclaimer: Naruto is an ongoing Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto with an Animé adaptation. The Manga is published by Shueisha in Japan, and Viz Media in the United States, Canada, and UK, and it is serialized by Shonen Jump. The TV Animé is directed by Hayato Date, and licensed by Aniplex in Japan, Viz Media in the United States, and Manga Entertainment in the UK.
I also do not own any of the profile pictures I used in my fan fictions.

Wallpaper by: sbel02

Characters: Naruto & Hinata
Rating: MF [Mature Freakz]
Plot Association: Season 8, after perhaps episode 181

NOTE: The spoiler version is basically undeleted scenes of Hinata's Sensual Adventure part B. I wouldn't suggest reading this until you've read part A and B. You can find part A here: Link
Spoiler (Cropped Version): Link

The final set of words, after the long pause, just rolled off his tongue—hearty, seductive and frank. They resounded in Hinata's mind, making her melt faster than she would have liked. The young mistress was dumbfounded, and her entire face turned pink in response to her beloved's intimate request.
But why was her heart beating so fast? That’s right—a male has never seen her naked before, or even the female servants that usually bathed her as a child. Since Hinata was stroke by puberty, none other than her knew the changes her body had undergone. She was more self-conscious.
Looking down at her bosom, the reality of wearing no bra beneath her dress crossed her mind. It was embarrassing yet somewhere, in the corner of her mind, shrouded in darkness, was she perhaps expecting this to happen? To an extent, was she hoping to entice him with her body? She didn’t want to believe that, but the fact that her bra was absent did well to make her wonder.
Hinata’s entire body felt sensitive and unusual. She felt afraid to reveal to Naruto what she could not fathom herself. What if he found her womanly features bizarre, what if he did not approve? Personally, she thought the changes in her body came far too soon.
She could feel that chemical reaction deep inside, a place where she had always been afraid to tread. It was getting wetter. What exactly did it mean? It was getting dirty, she thought.
“Hinata,” Naruto’s voice was more composed. “I need you to completely confide in me. Don’t think so much,” he reassured. “I won't hurt you.”
“Na…Na…Naruto-kun,” she beamed at the certitude of his words. “I-I believe in you.”
“I think your entire body is beautiful. I will make you feel in ways that you have never felt before.”
“N-Naruto-kun,” she murmured with curled fingers at her lips, subserviency evident her in sheepish tone of voice. She dropped her gaze, tempted to look up at his face anew, as she struggled to construct a coherent sentence with her words. “I-I want you to me make me feel… only you.”
“Your wish… is my command,” he whispered sincerely, as he cupped her chin and gently moved his thumb along the soft, luscious length of her bottom lip.
First, having made some space between them, the young romancer did quick work to somewhat loosen the thin black laces at the front of her dress. And with a deliberation that the deed did not demand—eased the weight of both frilled straps further down the maiden's biceps.
Hinata's face was hot, her fists clenched, and she stood motionless, only seeming to sway as Naruto continued working on loosening her stubborn laces.
Her eyes were wide but willing all the while, and she studied him inconspicuously, her heart and nerves humming in unison when she spied a bulge below his waist. She swore she saw it move at one point. 
Soon, and well before Hinata could gather any gauge of composure, the neck of her silky attire was easing over the curves of her bosom as Naruto pulled down. And upon attaining their freedom—her breasts bounced upward from the downward pull of her garb.
He watched in captivation as those magnificent figures gradually sank and then rose. They danced, they teased, coaxing him to hold and feel them, but he didn’t… not yet.
The instant her dress puddle around her feet, Hinata felt light-headed. And her limbs grew weak as she felt the intensity in which Naruto admired and studied her unclothed body, his eyes never seeming to leave the ripened fruits that were her nipples.
Reality suddenly grew dark, and her prince grew distant, his hand unable to reach her.

Surfacing from the depths of deep unconsciousness to a more subtle state, Hinata was soon roused awake at the feeling of a cool breeze whipping across her heated skin.
The countenance the young mistress wore upon her face looked more like arousal than that of disorientation—and when her eyes slightly opened and her lips parted, that claim seemed more distant from question.
Lying on her back, she looked like a desperate, submissive princess that had long await for her charming prince to warm her bed—sampling, savoring everything that she had to offer. Her hands folded into cute little fists over her head and her hair rest beneath her back like layer of blanket, long and sleek.
Sparkling tears of joy tipped the corners of her slitted eyes at the thought of resting where her beloved slept every night. And she slowly leaned her head to the side so that she could look at him with an expression declaring: “everything that I am is yours for the taking.”
Hinata suddenly made a face, probably remembering earlier, when he turned the overwhelming force of his eyes on her. Or perhaps she felt ashamed that she fainted. Whatever the case may be, she was suddenly hyperaware that Naruto was standing less than an inch away from her. She was stunned by the unexpected electricity that zipped through her, astounded that it was possible to be more aware of him than she already was.
“How are you feeling,” he asked in an angelic tone, standing at the side of the bed, fanning her still.
The young maiden said nothing, but looks up at his face seeming to glow in the sun's stream of light. Golden downy hair still lay on his forehead, hypnotic eyes set deep above the high planes of his cheekbones. He was so very handsome and mature, but she could note a hint of childish roundness left in the curves of his cheeks and around his chin. The mixture was quite cute, and was another feature that stole her breath away.
Through a pulse of sheer desire, Hinata raised her hand. Hesitantly, ever nervous and afraid, even now after he had fondled her chest and aroused her, that he would disappear like a mirage, too amazing to be real... hesitantly, Hinata reached up with one finger and stroked the damp length of one sideburn. She prolonged her journey until the back of her fingers were skimming over his cheekbone. His face was warm, but she barely noticed as touching it was something she'd dreamed of constantly since the very first time she discovered she was in love with him.
“I'm okay,” she finally said. Her voice, a mere whisper, was as soft as silk.
“You gave me a bit of a scare there,” his perfect lips folded beautifully over his teeth, and he placed his hand over hers, even as their eyes locked.
Hinata smiled, her eyes apologetic, but she was still dazed. Her gaze moved, soon shifting from the bathrobe he had covered her body with to his unconcealed torso. His skin was beautiful, silky and russet-colored, and his chest...
She studied that hard plane, recalling all the sensations and emotions she felt when her breasts and nipples were bracing against that wonderful surface. She studied the uneven terrain down south that was his abs, noting the four-year difference in those hard lines pronouncing his muscles.
Hinata felt her breathing gradually creeping toward hyperventilation as carnal thoughts took up residence in her mind. She felt an unusual urge to physically examine and compare his nipples with hers. She wanted to kiss everywhere her fingers trod, but such a bold feat was simply out of her league still.
Noting how she rubbed and squeezed her thighs together was more than enough to make Naruto erect again, and it didn't take more than one shy but loving gaze before he disposed himself to her silent wish—an epic quest to slake her desires.
The princess may have been unconscious for these 10 minutes, but it would seem as though her arousal had grown rather than dwindle. Naruto could feel her sexual energy, potent and overwhelming in its gnawing need. It was unlike any other aura he had felt before. It was glorious, compelling, exhilarating and then some.
Holding her hand still, an angel smile brightening his expression, Naruto lowers his head with evident purpose. It enshrouded Hinata’s beautiful face in a shadow, but she closed her eyes slowly and welcomed his lips.
He savored those soft, sweet surfaces—loving, putting to memory her unique taste yet curious to know the colour of her nipples once more. He wanted to taste them. He was anxious to nibble, nip and squeeze—another one of his boyish desires.
Naruto chucked the paper fan beneath his bed, so as to use that free hand to pull the robe from her small, petite body. His fingers brushed the top of one breast as he did, and the maiden’s body shuttered—eyes ever widening—when he dismissed his kiss.
He marveled again at the perfect texture of her snow-white skin. It was satin smooth and as warm as the heat from a smithy’s hearth. It felt as though her body was reeling him in, and the sight of her perky bosom slowly deteriorated our hero’s patience, but not his resolve.
There was something about her cleavage—some unfathomable and irresistible energy, perhaps it was how ideal the spacing was between her beautiful breasts, and how they kissed, maybe? Whatever the case, they made him ridiculously stimulated.
When Hinata righted herself again, liberated from the petrifying binds of embarrassment that had her arms in cuffs and her legs in shackles, she cupped his nape and pulled him close so that she could capture his lips with hers. Awareness kissed her naked chest and her entire body flushed. Heat settled in her breasts and the peak of her nipples.
When she freed his lips, though his head remained perfectly still, his eyes bright and steady, Hinata wondered that if the robe was used to cover his body, then what was left to conceal his dick. She felt less embarrassment using that unfamiliar word, but her face was still as red as a rose.
“You’re so beautiful, Hinata... all of you,” Naruto flattered as he progressed closer, having slung the weight of himself on the bed, over her, while propped up on his elbows. Hinata was flustered, only witnessing a blur when he threw himself, like a rag doll, between her legs.
Something hard, warm... and alive caught her attention. It was pressing against her lips down south, squeezing those swollen cheeks each time it throbbed. Hinata pursed her lips and dropped her head on the pillow, delight creasing her forehead.
Her cute little nipples were swollen yet tight, their pink-tipped peaks the shape of a child's mouth. Naruto slowly, gently, kissed the silky flesh atop one of those skyscrapers, before closing his mouth over her, and she arch against him with a cry. Her hands locked his head in place. Her breast filled his hand, and her hip bumped against his erection, which nigh killed his patience.
When he cupped and twisted her nipple with a free hand, she heaved a broken gasp. Then he pulled and pushed that stiff peak inward and she reclined her head, revealing her neck to him.
Naruto was uncertain whether or not this was another sweet invitation, but he accepted. He kissed and licked the rim of her ear and its lobe, her throat, and the smooth curve at the crest of her shoulder. He tasted the hollows around her collarbone and ran his tongue across her sweetly scented skin. He let his lips linger on the flutter of her pulse, reassured that she responded to his caress.
Naruto started savoring again, more deeply than before. His lips were on one breast, one nipple, with his fingers matching the movements on the other. As he stroked and sucked and licked, Hinata ran her fingers through his hair, as if trying to slow his pace while she tried to remember how to breathe.
It was perfect, she thought, her head falling back once more. With each tug on her nipples, she felt an answering contraction between her thighs, almost violently.
As pleasurable as his touch was, Hinata always wanted more. She needed to be naked, her legs spread, him between them. She was frustrated… immensely; she needed a release, but was uncertain as to how he would deliver.
“I love your boobs... and the taste of your nipples,” Naruto blurted out in a seductive whisper, when he was skimming his bottom lip along the border of her ear.
She shivered in delight.
His words were strong, she thought as they stole the wind from her body, barely leaving her with enough to breathe. His words took, they gave, and they lasted. Her blood was hot as it coursed through her veins. It heated her flesh as it circulated in her body, and took her hormones for an epic and memorable ride.
“Na…Naruto-kun,” Hinata stammered, her gaze averted to the side. “C-can I... taste your milkshake?”
My milkshake, Naruto pondered, though he kept his expression even. He wasn't sure of what she asked, but that gave him a marvelous idea. Bur if his hunch about what she sought were wrong, she would have to enlighten him.
“Sure,” he agreed, casting her one of those crooked smiles she loved so much.
“Promise,” she pressed.
“Pinky promise.” She felt has he rest the weight of his body on one hand so that he could lightly knot and yank her pinky finger with his own. She smiled at him, her eyes beaming, needing his caress again.
With one aim in mind now, Naruto started kissing her... showing her how, teaching them both with experience ever so slowly and gracefully. He stopped for air, and then took her lips again. First. He slowly, gently, imperiously, skimmed his bottom lip across the fullness of hers, and she trembled in a most satisfying way. He made the journey again, but this time his tongue was what moved over her bottom lip. She sighed, which made her lips part, and he capitalized on the opportunity by dipping his tongue into her mouth, mating with hers.
“Naruto-kun,” she uttered his name beneath her breath, when he had freed her.
As if attending to her silent demand—the one cloaked between her sighing his name—he kissed her moistened lips, but he did not linger long enough for her to savor him.
Naruto wondered how she would react when teased, deprived of what she sought, what she needed. Would the shy Hinata writhe beneath him, he couldn't help but consider, too, would she demand as much as she gave, or would she lie back like a corpse once she choose to surrender? Was her show of passion a folly, or a glimpse of her true character? He needed to know.
Like a snake—majestic, precise and amble in its movement, Naruto slithered to Hinata's neck where he nuzzled her throat. She offered her neck to him in response, and he accepted without a trace of hesitation. Slowly, he ran his tongue along that sweet, narrow column before nipping the sensitive flesh beneath her jaw. Her hair caress his face and he smelled openly in its silky touch.
Prolonging the reptilian characteristics of the snake—graceful, decisive, swift and efficient in its feats, Naruto coaxed, teased and caressed until his fair princess lay still in the bed. She was intoxicated. Her breathes were heavy, yet she was ready for more, much more.
He hovered over her, looking deep into those gorgeous eyes glazed with what he had already given to her. But he was only just getting started.
When the sage got off the bed—his determination and courage mostly fueled by the intensity of his arousal—Hinata slapped her hands over her eyes and didn’t even attempt to peek through her fingers. He was starting to pull his boxers down. She was curious about the colour of his underwear, but she still had no intention of looking.
Nevertheless, it wasn’t before long that Hinata was breathing through parted lips, as anticipation shaped the content of her thoughts. But when she pursued her lips and tried stifling her panting breaths, a moan rose in her throat as a result. This won Naruto's undivided attention, and intent gleamed in the warrior's eyes.
He made his way back onto the bed, on all fours, and even then, Hinata still covered her eyes. The intensity of his aura forced hers back—masculinity overpowering femininity. Her body sagged in delight at that.
“Hinata,” he said when he was hovering over her again, “be nervous and embarrassed, but there’s absolutely no reason to be afraid.” Gradually, she lowered her hand. “Don't cower away from what I have to give. The sooner you decide to accept what I have to offer, the sooner you decide to see and feel, is the sooner your anxiety will subside as familiarity will grow. Your desire will partly help you to feel less queasy.”
The sides of Naruto's mouth pulled up into a triumphant smile as Hinata's mood shifted, but she perceived his expression as being compassionate.
He lowered his body toward hers when she cupped his forearms in a telling gesture, his sensual force intense and unconcealed. He stared at her, always her eyes first, for an answer, a permission to take, to sample. Her lips seemed to call him, and Naruto noted how they curved and would fit perfectly against his own.
Steadily, her lids fell and her eyes soon closed. Her lips gaped, as if an invitation and once again, Naruto readily accepted. He homed in close and savored her flavor. She responded—every part of her did. Her heart drummed out of control, and again, it was not just her heart, never just her heart.
She wanted to pull away to breathe, to release what she was feeling in the form of sound, but what she really wanted was more. Naruto read her mind, or understood what the instinctive squeezing of her thighs together meant, but then, he remembered his promise.
“Are you ready to taste my milkshake?” he asked suddenly, even as he moved—shifting the weight of his body to the edge of the bed. He seated himself there, his feet grounded.
Hinata was thrilled that he remembered and a smile touched her lips, though it was not long before the icy hand of nervousness coiled around her insides. Her chest tightened and her stomach did summersaults, but she wasn't going to allow this opportunity to pass her by.
The princess hadn’t the foggiest clue where this seed had latched on to her from, but she knew this fantasy had grown on her. And she was ready to experience. To have what she craved.
As she moved over the bed, she realized how heavy her body was, just how much her muscles had weakened in her state of arousal. Needless to say, this wasn't enough to keep her at bay, and it wasn't long before Hinata was confronted with it—and by it, she meant his dick or so he referred to it.
She knew the organ as “penis” in her textbooks, and it only goes without saying that she has never seen it before, not only judging by the expression of shock smeared over her face.
Of course, Hinata’s initial reaction was a frantic gasp. Her mouth hung open and she tried to remember how to breathe, even as she gawks at her prince's throbbing pole.
One would have imagined she would be getting used to the sight, but rather it would seem the longer she stared, the fiercer the battle became to remain conscious.
Sitting innocently on her heels before him, his legs open, Hinata tried her best to pay attention to his tips over the loud hammering of her heart and the sharp stare of his... dick.
Naruto told her about the sensitive and fragile areas of it, emphasizing that the most pleasurable part was his crest. He labeled, he explained and gave her a detailed explanation—as though he was quoting from a book—as to how he would like to be touched.
Blunt: yes
Arrogant: pretty much
All the while, Hinata was wondering how he came about to know these things. She surmised that perhaps Tsunade wasn't dispatching him on enough missions, or maybe they were of a low rank—because he obviously had far too much free time on his hands to explore.
“Do you understand?” Naruto asked when his lips had stopped flapping consecutively.
She heard… or rather she heard enough, but spared no response to his question. Instead, she kept staring at his erection that had kept shrinking as he spoke. Like a fairly intrigued scholar, she gaped in fascination, but as soon as he took note of her captivation, and how her lips parted in a lustful matter, his arousal returned.
Like a unique flower, granted with just enough water and sunlight, his vessel pulsated and then began to grow. Gradually, it veered upright and expanded in both length and width. And like steady soldiers, meditating for a ferocious battle, the veins stood firm and more pronounced on his throbbing shaft.
Hinata was astounded, but through this emotion and many more, hesitatingly, she slowly reached for him, her eyes ever fixed, and coiled her tiny fingers around the warm width of him. The young maiden examined him in her hand before tentatively taking him inside of her mouth, upon the red carpet that was her tongue. She relished in the heat emanating from his member.
Improvisation was Hinata's best friend in this moment, and she didn't hesitate to explore and experiment. With arousal as her guide, her motivation, her energy source through which she derived courage, the skies were the limit.
 Like a blindfolded child, curious about the flavor of her ice cream cone that she had been given, Hinata licked, sampling the taste of his tip. She must have really liked it, because her eyes flickered closed and then she sucked his crest after, coating him with her saliva. She laved her tongue from his base to the crown of his rigid length, certain her explorations were not in vain, as Naruto groaned and frowned in delight.
He complimented her creativity, when she teased his neighbors, but soon told her it would have felt even amazing, if she slowly stroke his shaft while also pleasuring him with her mouth. Without a word, but a subservient and lustful gleam in her gaze, Hinata did what she was told until she got frustrated, and in more ways than one.
“Na…Na…Naruto-kun,” she whimpered adorably, reclining from her knees to her heels. “Why…why isn’t your milkshake coming out?” she murmured with her newly found bravery.
Naruto smiled. He was eager to have her mouth on him again. “Try using your breasts instead of your hands,” he suggested politely, despite his hunger.
“Uh-un,” Hinata nodded her head, always looking adorable and innocent, regardless of what she was about to do. “A-Am I doing it right?” she asked, when the length of him was nestled at her cleavage. “Does it feel good?”
“You need to move first.”
“Eh,” her gleaming crystal eyes widened, alarmed. “I need to move? Like this?” Hinata began to massage him with her soft, smooth curves. She looked up at him while she worked her tiny hands, embarrassed, to study the flickers of emotions over his handsome face.
His responses plainly answered her question. And upon taking him inside of her mouth again, she mumbled something, another question, maybe? Whatever it was, Naruto found it extremely cute and erotic.
Hinata could sense her knight’s escalating excitement. She could feel as he kept hardening in her mouth, and was reassured that she was doing an exceptionally well job. This added to her desire.
When his hips started thrusting of their own accord, Naruto was careful not to get ahead of himself, but as his excitement grew, he found himself delving a bit too far. Hinata choked and cough (adorably), but was reluctant to stop. Naruto was thankful for persistence, as consistency was crucial if he were to derive a fulfilling orgasm.
“Hinata!” Naruto suddenly called, frowning, his body bracing for the imminent tremor, one of which was always welcome. “I'm about to cum! Don't stop!”
“W-What do you mean?”
“Your milkshake is coming.”
“In my mouth,” she urged as she prepared to take him inside again. “I want all of it inside of my mouth.”
Hinata was thrilled, knowing that she would finally be able to taste him. Personally, she thought she waited long enough. However, amidst her excitement, she knew it was important to prolong his stimulation. And to have more control, to meet better his expectations, she released her breasts and clasped his shaft. Without pause, she continued stroking him, gradually increasing her pace as she sucked his crest.
When Naruto’s hips stopped moving, when his eyes squeezed shut and his body trembled and jerked, Hinata knew it was here. As soon as his steely shaft started throbbing fiercely in her hand, she felt a warm and thick fluid building on her tongue. For a moment, the feeling was beyond words, and she felt empowered as Naruto continued to shake and gasp violently.
The princess kept her composure, and when the tremors of his body ceased, Naruto watched as her eyes drift close. He listened to the pleasant sound in her throat, as she swallowed every last drop of him—another cute and erotic sound.
“Yummy,” she said when she looked up at him, like a child, proud, that she had drunk her entire glass of milk.”
Naruto wanted to say something, but he was too busy catching his breath. He felt a usual fiber of satisfaction. His masculinity seemed to roar with a sense of fulfillment at the fact that Hinata had happily helped herself to his essence. Something warm pulsed in his ego and in his loins.
The sage’s orgasm and responses made Hinata far more aroused than she was before. And she hoped he would have in turn made her experience what he just did. He needed to. She felt as though she would lose her sanity, if he did not. She needed his hands on her. She needed to be touched, and soon.
“You were amazing, princess,” Naruto praised, and for the first time, Hinata stopped, studied, and could effortlessly dissect the gleam in his eyes. It was appreciation. “Hinata… what's wrong?” he noted her anxious eyes.
Embarrassed, she looked to the side and then started tapping her forefingers together, before she found the courage to greet his eyes. “Na…Na…Naruto-kun has never addressed me as such before,” she pointed out quietly.
“That's because until today, you were only the princess to the Hyuuga clan—but now, you're also my princess. We can no longer be friends, Hinata. From this day forth, I'm yours and you're mine.”
The young maiden felt her cheeks heat, and her eyes widened as she sought for something to say that would minimize her mortification. This was but a dream, right. “B-But... what about Sakura?”
“Sakura's heart belongs to someone else.”
“Through the pain of losing Sasuke, our friend and comrade, Sakura and I have undoubtedly become closer—but there's an invisible border that she refuses cross. I've accepted that fact, Hinata, and by doing so, I've come to realize how much you captivate me.” He smiled his famous crooked smile, and then reached out to cup her chin. “It wasn’t until I let go was I able to hold on to something else.”
Hinata could feel her pulse drumming behind her ears. It was amazing that, even after seeing her prince sheer naked, his mere words could have had such a fierce impact on her.
But his touch fueled and reignited the flames of her desire, and with that potent fire, came bravery.
As light as a feather atop the still waters of a pond, Naruto brushed away the smear of his essence from her scarlet cheek. Then she cupped his hand, so that she could suck that thumb, tasting his unique flavor again.
A bit surprised, Naruto beamed at her, a warm emotion bubbling up inside of him. “Honestly. You're so beautiful...”
Hinata blushed deeply, as she always does, whenever her chivalrous knight complimented her or spoke words of compassion and affection. Reclining on your heels, she looked down and noted that Naruto's lolli had shrunk. The difference when he was flaccid and rigid was remarkable!
“Na…Na…Naruto-kun, what happened to your dick?” she asked, alarmed, freaking out. “D-Did I do something wrong?”
Naruto was stunned, not by what she assessed, but how she boldly pronounced the d-word without the tiniest tinge of embarrassment.
“Get a hold of yourself, Hinata… you didn't do anything wrong,” the sage assured softly, hardly able to suppress his amusement. “This happens whenever I have an orgasm. But I will be ready again, after a few minutes. Until then,” he cupped her hand and ushered her to her feet, “why don't I pay attention to your needs.”
Hinata's centre contracted in response to his suggestion. And although she could only blush and avert her eyes coyly, being caressed by him once more was something she deeply yearned. Her eyes shone so brightly that he must have seen her hunger.

Like a wild, golden tiger, striding gracefully toward its weakened prey, Naruto crawled onto the bed, on all fours, toward Hinata. She was lying on her back in submission, eagerly awaiting her prince's sensual touch.
Making his way to her torso, slowly and collected, one knee between her thighs, our hero took the liberty of licking the hard peak of one nipple. He did so with long, lazy strokes of his tongue, over and over again. And his lady moaned. She cupped his head firm in her tiny hands by the time he moved on to the next impressive sky-scrapper, where he licked, sucked, and savored thoroughly.
Naruto loved her verbal responses so much that he lightly nipped and yanked to make her voice climb higher. He received his wish, and her adorable moan broke off into a tantalizing gasp of desire.
Na…Naruto-kun’s sucking my breasts, Hinata breathed a mental breath, her lips parting. It feels so good. I can feel Naruto-kun's tongue on my nipples...
The moment Naruto gently bit down around an aching peak, he heard his name rose from her throat, in a most amorous way. It conducted the flames of his desire, and a new priority suddenly made itself known in his mind, one of which he had every intention of acting upon it.
Having gone to taste her lips, until he couldn't help but yearn to proceed to the next level, Naruto slowly rose. And Hinata suckled his lips still, even when her back had completely risen off the bed. A displeased grumble bubbled up in her throat, soft and delightful. She continued moving with him, anticipation and expectations lining her body, until she was almost sitting upright.
Naruto was impressed with her participation in this, and he cast her that heart-throbbing smile she loved so much. It was almost exhilarating.
His eyes, now half-lidded, gleamed with intent, “Hinata,” he whispered, just high enough so that she could hear. “Can I take your panties off?”
The lovely princess caught her breath, stunned, her eyes popping. And a fierce heat dawned in her cheeks, the likes of which she had never felt before. She could feel her head getting light, as blood surged like lightning throughout her veins—an all too familiar feeling.
Hinata withdrew her eyes as she sought for resources. Her nerves hummed so intensely that she lost the ability to speak. And each time she gathered a bit of composure, her heart thumped, scattering all the pieces.
“Hinata, please… try to calm down,” Naruto advised, but then fell silent, when she hugged a pillow over her face.
“Na…Na…Naruto-kun,” she interrupted in a nervous and high-pitched tone, eager to tell him what was on her mind before the very sound of her voice devoured the touch of courage she had mustered up. “W-What you asked of me... yuh-you can do it.”
 Our sage could feel the heat emitting from Hinata's hotpocket. It was like a tangible creature in the room, brushing its body against that of his own, even as it pumped his rod, coaxing him to make haste in his feat.
Naruto smiled openly. “As you wish,” he replied softly, the soothing sound of his voice cajoling her from her shell.
When he doffed her underwear, with slow, steady movements, Naruto held it up before his face. He swore to god he could see heat emanating from the puny piece of cloth. “Steamy,” he murmured unconsciously, embarrassing Hinata. And she responded by masking her face with her hands.
Na…Naruto-kun and I are both naked and alone in his room. Wha-What should I do? What should I say to him, she gushed. What would father think of this?
With each time she throbbed, the awareness of being naked and subjected to his gaze became increasingly mortifying for Hinata. She could smell her arousal, and she was certain he could, too, which made her very self-conscious. Nevertheless, she had already told herself that there was no turning back from this. It was what she wanted, after all.
Like the ticking of a clock, she could feel her pulse beating at the centre of her core, deep within the realm situated between her legs. It felt as though a gap needed to be filled and desperately. And as strong as her embarrassment was, it could not rival how aroused she had become, and how sexually thrilling it felt, that her one and only love was looking at her hot, naked body.
Refusing to explore what he had revealed down south, until he had made his fair maiden a tad comfortable in her current state, Naruto cast her damp lingerie to the side and made his way up north once more.
The princess’ face was as red as a chilly pepper, and despite sensing that his face was close to her own, she kept her eyes concealed under the weight of her nervousness.
“Hinata,” the compassionate warrior called, towering over her on all fours. And she shivered with delight at the sound of her name upon his lips. Had her charming prince come to soothe her heart and mind with his angelic voice? Had he come to answer to her body's raw hunger? She hoped he had come to address both, and even more.
Although she did not look, Naruto took his time to lay claim to her soft lips, a gesture of reassurance; she was sure... sweet and promising. His kisses always left her breathless. And those breaths continued to come quick, as their heats intermingled and their auras clashed.
From her neck down, Naruto initiated a saucy chain of kisses, and each time his lips touched her flesh, her body trembled and muscles went taut. He whispered words of affection against her skin. Her stomach sank, when he dipped his tongue inside her navel. And she heaved a shuttering sigh, when his epic journey ensued farther down south.
Just before he tasted her, he whispered, “Hinata... stay with me. Stay with me and feel.”
Her blood bubbling beneath her skin, the princess rubs her thighs together in her state of impatience, concentrating the heat as though she sought to start a fire. Naruto imagined she wanted him to scorch his tongue, when he decided to sample her flavor. How mean! He grinned.
The instant he touches her legs, the maiden's thighs separated, almost automatically, and he smiled a triumphant smile.
“Tears of joy are flowing out of here,” Naruto prompted impudently, as he studies Hinata's most sacred treasure. He felt as her body stiffened at his words, but his eyes remain unswerving. “You're so beautiful down here, Hinata,” he flattered openly and truthfully.
Before she could respond, he cupped her hips and pulled her closer, subsequent to lowering his head toward her hot, swollen center. At first, there was only the puff of his breath, and she tensed in anticipation. Her body responded immediately, every nerve ending hummed, and sparked to life.
After filling his lungs with the intoxicating scent of her, Naruto parted her tenderly and then slowly, gently, lightly, stroked her with the very tip of his tongue. Hinata's blood was thundering by this point, her mouth wide open, her head nestled fast in a pillow.
She could feel the steam building up inside. And she dropped her hands to her sides and gripped the sheets, her eyes tightly closed. She spread her legs as far as they could go, and wished she would experience something even more spectacular. This was the most incredible feeling that she had ever—
He licked her again, his tongue laving over those sensitive lips. This time, his tongue was flat, and seemed hotter and wetter than before. It was as though he had reacquainted himself with a blistering flame meant for ultimate stimulation and ecstasy.
As her head turned from left to right, at the import of sizzling pleasure, she closed her legs and bounded Naruto's head between them.
“Na...Na…Naruto-kun,” she called breathlessly. “I haven't had enough training for this! Yes! It feels so good!”
Naruto could almost laugh, but instead, he licked his lips, sampling her flavor again. “You don't need training for this kind of thing, Hinata.”
“B-But it feels like I'm losing myself.”
“That's how you're supposed to feel, princess, don't resist. Lose control and go wild.”
“Oh, no! Why does it feel so good,” she moaned, her voice thick with desire, her panting breaths filling the room.
 From bottom to top, Naruto covered every inch of her with his tongue, and then he returned to that one special place and reintroduced himself. The gratification made her cry out, like a cute, whimpering puppy. And he did it once more, just to have her whimper again.
In a frenzy of carnal energy, Naruto circled and teased and rubbed and sucked. He slowly, carefully, fluently, slipped a finger inside of her home and caressed her from the inside. Hinata groaned, she begged, she writhed and cocked her head at this new and overwhelming level of sensuality.
The gap was close to being filled, but she needed more. That’s what she said, yet the young maiden had to do everything in her power to hold in the warm, down-coming sensation that arrested her body.
“Na…Naruto-kun,” she whispered his name, like a prayer. “Oh, my god… oh, my god!”
Hinata could feel herself getting wetter and wetter—heck, she was soaked, drenched, even. The princess was swollen and excited to the point of discomfort and still held back because she had never felt anything as incredible as this before. She didn't want it to ever end. No one had ever seen her bare flesh, touched her, much less to sample the taste of her feminine nectar. But in the end, which was probably three minutes later, she had no choice.
“Some... Something's coming!” She covered her mouth with both hands—even as they trembled radically along with her body—and screamed her surrender. Her body arches off the bed, but still Naruto continues to lick her sensitive bubble, bringing her even higher in her glorious climax. Her body seemed to glow in the sun’s radiant light.
The waves of pleasure swept her into another dimension—muscles convulsed in a rippling release, an orgasm that went on and on to no seeming end. A fantastic finished!
It was only after Hinata's body sank back onto the bed, did Naruto finally raise his head. He couldn't get enough. His expression was bright, and the glow in his eyes, mystical. There were no words to describe how magnificent, adorable and arousing Hinata's sexual responses were. They all added to his desire. For a brief moment, he looked down at himself, at the byproduct of her amorous behavior, and then back at her. The grand finale was yet to come.
The weary princess lay silent in bed, but for the hot, steamy breaths that escape between her lips. She was smiling, although her body was a wreck. The powerful orgasm continues to wash over her. Her body trembles to no end, and she keeps her eyes close, with the back of one hand over her forehead.
“Hinata,” Naruto whispered, his voice layered with many different traces of emotions. “You were amazing.”
The compliment stretched her lips into an even wider smile, but the princess still did not speak. She was enraptured, paralyzed by the new and overpowering level of contentment in which she had been given. Still, she wanted more.
That aching gap, deep within her core, was not yet filled. So she waited, in a state of incomplete satisfaction, for her prince charming to coax the embers of her desire into even greater flames. He knew well this was what she wanted, right?
Time pasted. For well over a minute, there was only silence. And Naruto watched in utter disappointment, as his erection withered as of neglect. But he, too, said nothing. He didn't want to admit it to himself, that for the first time, since Hinata fell on top of him and he touched her lips with his own, he was not sure of what to do next.
What he assumed was Hinata's orgasm, was incredibly intense and for a moment, he was almost completely flustered... frightened. He saw her pant, gasp, moan, scream, writhe, shook and then stilled—was that all because of pleasure, or had he caused her pain, as well? Had he been too rough without noticing, blinded by his own selfish greed?
The silence prolonged. The room was so quiet that the silence was an uncomfortable pressure against Hinata's eardrums. She felt vulnerable in her intoxicated state. Her body was a fragile mass of sensitivity and reception. All the mental and emotional walls that she had erected for her own protection had deteriorated under the weight of her fierce orgasm.
As she lay there on her back, legs bounded, she felt an ominous gloom creeping toward her. It was a merciless and unforgiving storm of various emotions, all tinted and strengthen with her sexual frustration.
She felt a spasm of panic, when Naruto said and did nothing, despite her imminent mood swing. Had her prince lost interest in their sacred ceremony of love and sensuality? Had she done something to offend him? Had she performed or responded in a distasteful manner?
While lost deep in thought, as to what move he were to make next, Naruto heard sniffling. By the time he raised his head, he was confronted with a weeping Hinata, the back of her hands fast against her eyes. She wept beautifully, like a baby deity that fell from her home in the clouds, yet the sound of her crying made his heart sag.
The agitated sage gasped in response. He wondered if his assumption were true, if he had really hurt her in some way. But he pushed that thought aside, and made haste to put himself beside her.
“Hi-Hinata,” he said her name with evident worry, as if would have opted to make an apology before he actually inquired what was wrong.
“Please... Please don't stop,” she urged. “I want Naruto-kun to touch me,” she sobbed. “I...I want Naruto-kun to touch me more. I am sorry... if I did something to upset you.”
Naruto was shocked, but not as much as he was relieved... relieved to the point where he could have smiled, but he didn't, for the sake of the misconception and miscommunication that had led them a stray. “Hinata, listen,” he said, the tone of his voice evidence of his enlightenment. But for the young maiden, it was a sweet, relaxing melody—a gift she had been longing from her wonderful prince. She removed her tiny hands from her eyes, so that she could look at him, her cheeks pink with embarrassment.
Naruto felt warm, as he gazed into her gorgeous eyes glazed with sorrow. However, that was not all he saw—farther, beyond her tears, deep within her crystal-like eyes, he saw love, need and desire.  “You didn't do anything wrong, I promise. This was all just a big misunderstanding,” he explained in a low, seemingly seductive tone. To seal his promise and extinguish any measure of doubt she still had, Naruto slowly lowered his head to hers and whispered, “I love you, too,” before pressing his lips against hers. “I know it might be embarrassing, but try to tell me your desire every once in a while. As for me,” he now whispers in her ear. “I want to touch you, too... can I?”
Hinata was dazed, shuffling through the memory banks of her mind, desperately trying to recover that one file with Naruto's commitment, to prove to her that what he had said was not just a hallucination. It was as if he read her mind, because his lips soon parted again, his warm breath kissing her pink cheeks.
“I've always had strong feelings for you, Hinata.” I...I just needed to make sure of something. “I love you,” he confessed again, more passionately than he did before, his words bringing tears to her eyes. “And I'm sorry I made you wait so long.”
Na…Na...Naruto-kun just said he loves me. Oh, what-What should I do?
“You don't need to say anything, Hinata,” Naruto acknowledged. “Just nod your head, if you want me to make you feel even more.”
Right then, Hinata felt a surge of courage, though her expression remains coy. “It...It feels like I'm going crazy,” she said while averting her eyes, even as she rubs her thighs together. Then she flashed him such sizzling hot gaze that Naruto's own eyes widened with astonishment. “Please... touch me more. I want Naruto-kun to touch me.”
Her response was far more endearing than he bargained for, but the combination of flavors made for a sweet aftertaste—delicious!
“As you wish, princess… it will be my absolute pleasure.”
Naruto's eyes half lidded, as he slowly reverses over Hinata's flushed and restless body. Her soft, smooth skin seems to glow with a heavenly luster, its texture finer than that of silk. He placed his hands atop her thighs, a silent incantation, and they opened for him.
He filled his nose with the sweet scent of her arousal again, and then he reacquainted his mouth with her intoxicating flavor, sending his taste buds on an epic ride that they will not soon forget.
Hinata’s eyes were bright with need, her heart racing, and she watches as Naruto propped himself up on his knees between her now widely spread legs. He was clasping his pride in his hand. She knew what he was preparing to do, and the princess welcomed it entirely. She wanted to become one with her beloved prince.
“Hinata,” he won her attention effortlessly, his voice soothing... always soothing. “Do you trust me?” She nodded her head without any evidence of doubt. “I want you to relax as much as you can, okay. This may hurt a little, but I can promise you that that discomfort won't last long.”
Her eyes were shining, uncompromised. And Naruto could see that she was entirely willing and prepared for whatsoever he had to offer. If anything, she was impatient to receive.
Ever vigilant of her facial expression, our hero carefully begins to penetrate his sunflower, his crest stretching her to accommodate his shaft.
For a split second, Naruto found himself drifting into a fleeting state of reverie, thoroughly sensationalized and new. Slowly, light on his feet, he pushed two sturdy doors apart and entered into a world uncharted. It was like a sanctuary, a sacred cathedral colour schemed of red and pink.
The sage stood upon a carpet, red and plush, that ran along the aisle of this magnificent paradise and into a blinding white light. Perfectly sculpt statues of Cupid stood at either sides of the great hall, playing their trumpets, a beautiful symphony that seem to wrap his entire being into a warm, silky, seemingly moist cocoon. The sensation seemed to focus more on areas below his waist.
No sooner had he drifted, however, than reality tugged at his consciousness. But until most that were hurled back into reality from a sweet daydream, back into a supposedly bland, melancholy world, Naruto came back meeting a rivaling measure of sensuality that kept escalating at each passing moment. His shoulders sagged at the warm and unfamiliar environment in which he ventured. And he heaved a shaky sigh, as Hinata opened and closed around him... wet and tight. He was in heaven.
At the same time, the beautiful princess yelped in both pain and pleasure—a bittersweet mixture of ecstasy to say the least. She bit down on her lip and then reclined her head onto the pillow. She moaned aloud, trying to stifle her vocal responses, and yet a sharp whimper followed her in throat. Her heart was racing, lungs gasping desperately for air, eyes tightly squeezed shut and every muscle in her body contracted.
Yet her prince was able to delve even deeper.
In a heartbeat, the young maiden's hymen broke. She felt the truth of it with much certainty, but it came with no regrets, only contentment. The lost of her virtue was visible on Naruto's shaft, as he slowly, meticulously, fluently, continued to deepen himself inside of her world.
I...I can feel something entering me, she moaned, her forehead creasing. It is so unusual... but it feels so good. Na…Naruto-kun!
Naruto entered but half way inside of her tightly enclosed tunnel, mesmerized by her breathless panting and gasps. He thrust in an out at an amble pace, careful not to venture farther than where he had initially explored. He wanted to know her responses, all of them. And his desire soared, like the searing flames of an active volcano, as he watch her move and writhe beneath him. She looked like a goddess, too beautiful, too majestic, and too graceful for a man's eyes. But given to him was the privilege to see and to touch, and he wanted even more.
And as soon as he was entirely coated in her feminine nectar, and her sacred realm had gotten somewhat accustomed to his width, Naruto decided to deepen himself inside, until he could go no farther.
Just before he did, however, Hinata requested on soft, rickety breath that he kissed her. With a brilliant light of hope shimmering in her eyes, she told him of her desire to have him lay on top of her. Needless to say, Naruto would not neglect her wish, nor would he allow his lady to wait.
After capturing her lips with his for another time, a silent but telling gesture of his love, our hero allowed his body to rest atop hers. His hard chest presses on her breasts, and they flushed under the pressure of his weight. Then he proceeds to sink the remainder of his length inside of her, and she in turn sinks her short, neat nails into his back.
A soft but high-pitched whimper rose in Hinata’s throat as the rest of her home was being occupied, and she bite down in his neck. Naruto frowned, deriving more pleasure than pain from the bruise.
Hinata’s body kept getting tense as she tightened around him. But Naruto told her it would only be more uncomfortable, if she did not try to relax. He said so with sympathy and comforted her as much as he could with his lips, his eyes and the anesthetic-like sound of his voice.
Naruto's weight filled every slope and curve of Hinata's body. It got harder to breathe again, but the princess cared only about the thrilled she felt. Her soft flesh seemed to mold into his like French vanilla infused with a very light shade of taffy.
And it didn't take long before she got used to him. In time, there was no longer a bittersweet blend of ecstasy. That slight prick of pain, that unwelcome discomfort, had evaporated like a blistering heat against condensation.
“More,” Hinata demanded in a steamy breath against Naruto's ear. And in response, he throbbed and hardened inside of her. “Amazing,” she exclaimed, relishing in the gratification. “I...I can feel Naruto-kun deep inside of me. It’s embarrassing, but it feels so good!”
She could feel it—that familiar trigger before the turbulent avalanche. Now she was aware of what it meant, and she braced for impact.
The door suddenly snapped open, a door that only her prince possessed the key to unlock. She bounded her legs around his waist as her body quaked and her muscles tightened. She screamed and clawed her nails into his flesh again, clinging up him as the rapids ram into her body.
Her centre was pulsing so fast that Hinata knew if it were her heart, she would have likely suffered from a heart attack. She was careful cling to him, as the violent waters tried to drown her in its unforgiving depths. Her centre sucked at his manhood, eagerly awaiting the release of his essence so that it may devour.
All of a sudden, Naruto released the entire weight of his body on top of her and then hugged his princess close. He rolled over. Now she was sitting on top of him, his vessel hard against her sensitive quarters. It throbbed vigorously, whispering to the centre of her heat. And those stimulated lips down south listened. They parted. And they spoke.
The feminine nectar from Hinata's swollen cheeks coated Naruto's rod. The chemical was like an aphrodisiac; it drugged him, making the young sage incredibly harder. It made him hungrier for a release. And his pride hummed beneath her again. They pulsated together, as if engaged in a mating dance. But Naruto had had enough. He could wait no longer.
As weary as the orgasm had made her, Hinata took it up upon herself to merge their worlds once more. She heaved a long, sexy sigh as she slide down and filled herself with the size of him. It may have been a fleeing moment, but she missed her special tenant.
Still tired and far from catching her breath, Hinata leaned forward against Naruto's chest, her tiny hands anchored upon his pectoral muscles, her hair in his face. They moved slowly together. Their fingers now entwined, his sighs harmonizing with hers.
While an unsuspecting Naruto and Hinata were submerged under a sea of ecstasy, held fast beneath the surface by pleasure's hand, Kakashi suddenly appeared at his windowsill. He had a basket of fruits in his hand, perhaps hoping to try his luck in persuading Naruto once more to add some fruits and vegetables to his diet. But it would seem the sage had his own plans about what he wanted on the menu.
His eyes still tiresomely half-lidded, despite his shock, Kakashi carefully pulled his mask down below his nose before blood spews from his nostrils, like a geyser, sending him blasting off about a mile away with a long, awkward shriek.
“Twinkle,” he said comically, when he disappeared with a sparkle into the sky.
It wasn't long before Hinata was hungry again—hungry for a greater level of pleasure. Sitting upright now, with her legs astride his waist, she moves about him with renewed energy and zeal. She felt an incredible rush of exhilaration at the thought of being on top of him and in charge.
Their position added to her desire.
The princess rose and fell beautifully. With absolute control and precision at her disposal, she creates magic at a pace she found favorable, taking him all inside when she needed to. Her love nest squeezes his package as she works. And the young damsel rocked to whichever corner she pleased, as if would break him in her fiery endeavor to achieve sweet satisfaction.
Naruto's breaths came fast, utterly wrapped around the finger of desire. He watched as Hinata's creamy breasts danced—enticing him with a charm he could not resist. And he rose as his desire did, to contribute to the flames of their sensuality. He cups her soft curves, squeezing her periodically. Her nipples nestled between his fingers.
“So deep... I can feel you deep inside of me,” Hinata uttered in a silky breath, her voice coated in a thick layer of carnal desire. Her body reclined at the import of pleasure, her head whipping back.
Naruto pressed a scorching kiss at the hollow at the base of her throat, and then his nose drew a line up the skin of that sweet, slender column, to the point of her chin. His warm breath heated her skin.
Hinata's eyes were smoky with arousal and gleamed with desire. And the moment she lowered her head, her prince sought and found what he craved. He kissed her, burning, crushing her lips with his in a deep, dark, wet kiss.
Meanwhile the two lovebirds were enveloped in the rippling quicksand of passion and sensuality—oblivious to their preternatural senses was the fact that spectators had started gathering. They perched on the limbs of the trees outside our hero’s window, like a brood of birds seeking excitement and play: A pregnant Kuranai, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, Sai, Sakura, Sasuke, Gai, Iruka, Shizune, Yamato and even Jiraiya and Itachi's spirit. It looks like Kakashi had called in reinforcements.
Jiraiya (Ecstatic): “I don’t see why I'm here as a spirit when I'm not actually dead, but okay. Naruto! You're definitely my student! You're impressive at doing research, almost as good me!”

Itachi (Gloomy): Na…Naruto-kun, I thought your main purpose was to rescue Sasuke from the darkness.

Kakashi (Passive): Naruto, you're not just stronger than I am anymore—you're much more of a man. Rin. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to protect you...

Sai (Straight-faced): “So, he does have a dick, after all...”

Sakura (Shocked/Jealous): “Na…Naruto!”

Sasuke (Unenthused): “What am I doing here? Where's Madara with Itachi's eyes? I want them now!”

Sakura (Lustfulness): “Sasuke-kun... forget about that for now. Let's follow Naruto's example. You can touch me in however way you like. Ho-we-ver...”

Kuranai (Pleased): “Hinata, you really have grown up. And you've finally gotten the man you admire and love so much.”

Kiba (Exuberant): “Yahoo! Hinata has some nice tits, doesn't she, Akamaru?”

Chouji (Drooling): Ohh! I'd rather have those than barbecue any day!

Ino (Incredulous): “Ehh! Who would have ever thought that Hinata, out of all people, would be the first to lose her virginity… and to Naruto no less?”

“No. Na…Na...Naruto-kun,” Hinata said between panting breaths, her vision blurred in her state of arousal. Her amazing prince had bent her over, her hands bracing against the wall for support. She whimpers that they shouldn't do it this way—because she could feel him all the way inside, his pride tapping against her uterus. “Don't... Don't stop,” she moaned, muttering how good it feels. Her voice sounded as though it had been gilded a beautiful gold, kissed by a sweet hue of honey.
She loved the position he had placed her in. It was new, incredibly intense and... erotic. She felt entirely open, revealed and dominated by him. The reins of control were tipped in his favor once again, but all the more pleasure she felt. It was truly amazing!
Hinata could feel and hear as his vessel stirred her juices deep inside. “More”, she demanded. “Harder”, she insisted. “Have your complete way with me. Thrust deeper, even deeper inside!”
The princess had started working her hips as she spoke, breaking the rhythm of Naruto's amble movement. And he frowned in wonder. Had his performance not met her expectations? Was she perhaps mocking him?
“Give me more,” her commands ensued with an open smile, her lips drooping in a sultry fashion. Her breasts bounce as she moves frantically about him. It was evident what she craved, and she would indeed receive.
Naruto's eyes imbued gray with desire, a fierce storm playing over those blue seas, stirring the once calm waters into an ocean of roaring, lapping waves. Dangerously close within this moment, was the bridge between the thrill of battle and the thrill of lovemaking.
Hinata challenged him, almost instinctively, and raging seas got ever vicious. She rolls her hips, the force of her motion driving him backwards. And her realm tightens around him, squeezing the lean, rigid length of his shaft relentlessly. Our little flower knew the danger that lurks ahead, and it stirred her desire.
Naruto's adrenaline coursed hot and fast through his veins. Strength. Courage. Endurance. Determination. Creativity… all were at its peak, ready to be molded together to forge a fierce a resolve—characteristically, the sage had accepted her challenge and would strive to best her in this game of passion. Whether or not this was a battle, he would not lose!
It was hard to breath. The air was thin and dry with heat and desire. Their colliding bodies sang an erotic tune, as Naruto keep charging in and out of her—stretching his soul mate to suit his length and width. She could feel his vanilla bar rubbing, scraping the highly sensitive walls of her sacred cave. Hinata moaned and screamed her escalating delight, astonishing the many eyes that were fixed upon her.
“Naruto,” a husky voice rose from the depths of the sage’s being. “You're not as pathetic as I thought you out to be. Now fack this Hyuuga female until she passes out beneath you.”
“Yeah, what he said,” another voice rose from a silhouette in the shadows.
Fourth Hokage,” the nine-tailed fox bellowed in contempt and rage, its eyes sharp and lined with veins.
The man came forward and stared at the swirling, vortex-like screen linked to the seal on Naruto's stomach, through which he could see Hinata. “Simmer down, old boy. Let's not do this for once and enjoy the show. We should be grateful that we're both featured in this scene.”
Speak for yourself, meat bag,” the Kyuubi mocked. I'm featured in far more scenes than you are. You're nothing but a corpse kept alive by some fancy technique.”
Minato hung his head and whimpered. He soon wept frivolously on his knees beneath a spotlight of shame and grief. “Technically, this technique only keeps my consciousness alive. The body is only for special effects.”
The beast frowned, and a single bead of sweat trickled down his face. How pathetic.”
“I know right. I sacrificed myself to ensure the survival of the village. They could have a least given me some more screen time. At least my history will be revealed in chapter twelve of the series.”
Mmm... In any case, since you insist on forging a temporary treaty—even though I still want to bite your face off and crush your puny skull in my jaws—you could have at least brought some popcorn to seal the truce.”
“Popcorn,” the man was astounded, “the sinister nine-tailed demon, the most powerful and fiercest of the nine tailed beasts that almost rendered my village to nothingness, demands popcorn? That's a hard one to digest... completely unprecedented.”
Smothered in butter,” the Bijuu added, and the fourth sighed. I love butter.”
Adorably, Hinata frowns in indignation and growls, when Naruto withdrew from her and guided her toward the bed. She whimpers and pouts, but only for a brief instant. Ecstasy wouldn't grant her the privilege of staying still, not this day, or any other day for that matter.
Lying gracefully on her back at the edge of the bed, while Naruto stood on the ground, the princess sighed and moan, when her love cast his thunderbolt within the confides of her world once more. She couldn't get enough, and her heat crept to toward supernova, as he kept thrusting in and out of her. Together, hand in hand, they climb the treacherous mountain face of desire, scaling its heights in hopes of reaching the summit of ecstasy.
Hinata's responsiveness had slowed significantly. She was drunk with pleasure and passion. And she bit down on her index finger and panted between her teeth, looking up through the haze cast by her eyes, at her darling prince.
An excited grin stretches wide across his face, when he noted her wondrous eyes on him, his bright teeth standing in vivid contrast to the deep russet colour of his skin. She was surprised he could smile, when they were caught in a swirling whirlpool of rapture—raw and constant.
It wasn't long before Hinata submitted to another powerful orgasm. She screamed her release, and Naruto groans as her muscles went in a frenzy around him. They were both exhausted. Their breaths came fast and hard, and Hinata could feel the overwhelming strain that dawned on her body with this third climax. She was almost at her limit.
Naruto decided to give her some time to catch her breath, yet when he looked into her eyes, he could still see that shimming glean of challenge. Had his latest performance still not suffice? Had he once against failed to slake his lady's insatiable thirst? Our champion did not intend to give up, and with that, he closed his eyes.
Within mere moments, a gear clicked in place, and there was a sudden shift in the atmosphere. A gateway opened, but openly to the privileged and natural energy suddenly came gushing into his body. There was an unusual abundance of energy lingering in his room, and this sped up his transformation. Naruto’s skin became cool, as power filled and energized his system. The aches of his muscles lifted, and his breathing returns to normal.
“I'm not done yet!” Naruto's eyes flashed open with the mark of the sage, gleaning with renewed passion and challenge. Hinata gasped, her eyes widening with shock, as her suddenly assertive knight pushed her legs back and plunged into her convulsing quarters once more. She cried out as the heat from his steely rod consumed her whole, spreading from the pocket it conquered throughout her entire being.

Neji (Astound): “What a guy—he's using his Sage Mood to have sex with the princess.”

Lee (Impressed): “Naruto-kun, you're a true genius. You're using Sage Mood to gather energy after nearly exhausting that of your own. The only thing stopping you now is the potential chafing of your vessel.”

Gai (Passionate): “This…This sacred ceremony between lovers is another by-product of the springtime of youth! It's truly magnificent! Love conquers all!”

While the girls began getting aroused by Naruto's sheer passion and intensity, the boys got jealous. Their faces flushed, Ino placed a forefinger upon her bottom lip while staring at Sai with lustful eyes. And Tenten squeezed and rubbed her thighs together while gawking at Lee. Sakura took advantage of the crook of Sasuke's arm, clinging to him until he was fed up and left. Kuranai cupped her tummy, her eyes glossy as she thought about her one and only love. If only he had stayed a while longer, so that he could see their child.
Through her sexual excitement, Naruto could feel Hinata's chakra oozing out through her pores. It was warm and soothing. It replenished him. And he leaned forward so that he could crush her breasts with his large hands. He kneads them as though he were preparing noodles for ramen.
The sage heard the solemn demands of desire. The creature spoke to him and he understood. With consistency as his most important variable in his epic journey for conquest, Naruto keep pumping her, lifting her higher. He brought her to altitudes that rendered her breathless. The princess felt as though she was going to break.
Just before all the wind was forced out of her, leaving her vulnerable to the weaving hands of unconsciousness, Hinata did quick work to active the power of her eyes and cripple his power source.

 Neji (Flabbergasted): She used Jyuuken Fist to seal his tenketsu.

The Kyuubi roared in anger and frustration. What happened to the reception? Where's the Hyuuga female? Fourth Hokage, the creature screeched, doing little to hide the contempt that dripped from its words. “Can't you even cast a sealing technique without screwing up?!”
“I highly doubt—”
“Silence!” The fox heaved a long, strident roar that stirred its destructive powers and shook their dark, parallel world.
A measure of the beast's energy seeped into a dark portal, slipping through the dimensions to entice Naruto with its overwhelming force. He accepted the malicious energy, using it but to undo the handy work of his fair lady, thus, correcting the flow of his chakra.

Neji (Awestruck): Amazing! He used the nine-tailed fox's power to overpower the lock. It suddenly became hard to tell whether this is a battle or sex.

Tenten (Overwhelmed): This is just like what he did when he fought with Neji in the Chuunin Exam.

Before Ino could construct her thoughts into speech fit for sharing, Tsunade appeared and chased everyone away with her loud and intimidating voice. “Good for you, Hinata,” was but all she said before taking her leave.
“Na...Naruto-kun,” the exhausted princess whispered between her lips, her breaths shaky and dry. She raised one hand in an ushering gesture, inviting him to lie beside her.
Naruto was uneasy, and the gleam made of enigma that quivered in her eyes did little to loosen the knot his stomach had made of itself. He couldn't help but wonder if she was upset. He wasn't sure Hinata liked the idea of being handled the way she was. And the fact that she went so far as to attack him proved as much.
Our beautiful snugglie wugglie hurried to strap her arms around her charming knight and bury herself against his hard body, her flushed cheek fast upon his chest. “Na...Naruto-kun was so amazing,” she praised, and the truth of her words relieved our hero of his suffocating grief.
Naruto tittered. “You're so beautiful,” he shifted his head so that he could press a kiss atop her head.
And as he lay beside her, rapped in the blanket that was her love and affection, Naruto seemed to understand why she was not displeased. Her response was not in defense, not in surrender—but rather a challenging greed that swelled as ripely his. In that fleeting moment of overwhelming desire, her body wanted more while her mind wanted a quarter. Her resolve was an instinctive mistake, but perhaps one that preserved her sanity.
“I love you.”
“Hinata,” he kissed her head once more. “I love you, too... so very much.”
The princess was so happy that she could almost cry. But instead, she crawled on top of him and held tresses of hair behind ear, as she leans forward to remind herself the flavor of his lips. “Let's do it once more.” Her voice was as light as cotton and as sweet as maple syrup.
“Mmm... one final bout,” Naruto clarified with a pleased smile.
“Yes. I want to taste Naruto-kun's milkshake again.”
The sage raised a hand to her cheek. And her eyes trailed his fingers for a while, before she held his gaze anew—hesitant, yet acute. His smile stretched into one of intent, as he brought his fingers together and performed a technique. Hinata's eyes widen when she felt a pair of hands loop under her arms and lift her from the bed.
She muttered a series of questions in her confused state. But Naruto spared her no enlightenment. Instead, he cast his counterparts a gaze wrought of instruction and they both proceeded to hold Hinata in an upright sitting position. She sat on their joint hands, as though she were sitting in a swing, her hands clasping either one of their shoulders for balance.
With purposeful strides, her seductive knight made his way between her open legs. He smelled deeply of her scent before kneeling before her and treating his taste buds to her sacred elixir. He repeatedly dialed her number with his tongue. He dialed imperiously and with grace. He dialed slowly and sometimes with satisfying speed. He dialed until her phone rang and she demanded that he accessed her. Naruto moved quickly to dispose himself to her bidding. And she coiled her arms around his head as they scaled the rock face together, determined to stand atop that glorious speak.
With each powerful thrust, Hinata's heart continues ring, like a school bell, dismissing not only her composure but also her strength. Her loins seemed to crest and scream against the force of Naruto's spectacular performance. And she smiled an open smile in the sweet embrace of ecstasy.
Without so much as a sound or instructional gaze, Naruto withdrew from the drenched land of Hinata core, and the shadow clones brought their beautiful princess back toward the bed.
Her star didn't make her wait long, to feel that gap being filled once more. And while she lay on her back in bed, her legs locked around his hips, she glimpsed Naruto's clones watching them with desire in their eyes. Indeed, they merely were just a part of him, but Hinata felt arousal at the fact that she was being watched.
But as her prince increased his pace, her eyes fluttered close and the flush upon her cheeks went from pink to scarlet.
His mouth was hot on her skin. He scorched her flesh with fiery kisses, leaving a pulsing heat wrought of ecstasy in his wake. She was caught in his web of desire, unable to break free. Pleasure was a rising tide. Her thrill grew by the second. His skin was wet, her body sleek with sweat.
She could feel him pulling her body in and moving deeper into her. Hinata wanted to bite him, just to hear him screaming her name.
The princess was enraptured and intoxicated. She could feel the venom that was his sexual energy coursing, running deep inside of her veins. It burned beneath her skin. And although her body was brimming with what she craved, that insatiable lust remained. She wanted more, for she feared this might be the first and the last time she would be sampled by her beloved prince.
 Impatient hands, hungry mouths, panting breaths, desperate words, Naruto couldn't get enough, and, god… her adorable voice!
Mutual understanding dawned in this moment, as their consciousness seemed to link for but a fleeting moment. They were almost at the end of their epic journey. They were both aware. And just before he exploded with his desires, he dismissed his clones or rather he lost focus of the technique due to the gratification of his imminent orgasm.
Before our hero could withdraw his vessel, to grand his lady the sustenance she craved, the measure of ecstasy accumulated by his counterparts added to that of his own and he ended up releasing his seed, deep into Hinata's womb. He roared in delight, and Hinata arched off the bed in response, as a rippling orgasm washed through her, like a fierce streak of lightening. She screamed and dug her nails into his defenseless flesh, as they both trembled together. Even at their spectacular finale, it would seem that their challenge had not yet concluded, for while Naruto throbbed frantically inside of her, the princess' realm contracted around him tightly to no end.
“I...I can feel Naruto-kun's semen swimming into me. Warm... it's so very warm. I can feel it. I'm going to have Naruto-kun's child.” Her voice was soft and light, almost mystical.
“I'm yours, Hinata... everything that I am is yours. I love you,” he whispered between panting breaths. “You’re my sunshine.”
The fulfilled warrior rolled off a happy and content Hinata, allowing his love to catch her breath, and they clung together in a stupor state, as the quake of their bodies diminishes and their pulse slows. The couple hadn't realized just how exhausted they were, until they both drifted off into unconsciousness together.

Naruto lay on his back in bed, completely pooped. His body felt like the after math of a train crash. At least he knew for his very first time, he had performed exceptional well, except for the whole sage mood scenario. How embarrassing.
Without warming, a flush staining her plump cheeks, Hinata sat on her heels in bed and lightly clasped her beloved's package in her tiny hands. Expertly resting coils of her behind her ear, she lowered her head toward him so that she could start licking his tip.
“Ehhhh,” Naruto exclaimed, shocked that she still hadn't had enough. “Hi-Hinata,” he was already breaking out into a sweat. “It's not as resilient as yours is; I still need time to recover. Please, just let me eat some more to regain my strength. I need some of Ichiraku’s ramen!”
“Tough luck,” she returned in a casual, mutinous tone, blushing still. “Naruto-kun didn't give me any time to rest, so he doesn't deserve any break either.”
“Eh...Ehhh! Hi-Hinata, be reasonable,” he attempted to negotiate as he cupped her hands together so that she would release his poor, flaccid pride.
“This is mine,” she looked at his vessel with an innocently straight face. “And I will have it whenever I please.”
            “What did you do with the real Hinata,” Naruto shouted aloud in his frustration, knowing that he was already doomed!

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